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My 82 Turbo has a similar hard, padded, cover to the handbook...also it would be a lot of effort for a knockoff to do the gold blocking and achieve the general quality of what you have my twopennorth is that it's probably genuine.

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I think they're both genuine but don't belong together. The leather cover looks like its from a later car. You can buy them separately and recently from the factory. I haven't got my S2 one with me, but I've also got a nagging feeling its a different shape.




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"Genuine." I got one exactly like it from the factory sale a few years back. However, as to the cover, it's still possible they weren't originally supplied with them but Lotus Spares had their stock made that way fitting a later convention. At this point, only someone who had/has an original S1 and its original documentation may tell...:o

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