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Brake servo failure

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Over the last three months, about ten to twelve times, my servo has failed for the first two or three brake presses. This is always from cold and occasionally the third or fourth press rather than the first. On one occasion only, there was a hiss from the vivinity of the servo. This seems to be getting less as the weather warms up. The brakes still work when this happens but they need Godzilla like pedal pressure. I am told it may be condensation causing the servo to stick. There are no apparent leaks, everything is tight and 99.9% of the time it's totally normal...any suggestions?

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I had this problem not long was the none return valve in the take off from the plenum that connects to the servo .It lives near the front of the engine on the rear of the backbone.For some reason it seems to stick in the cold weather.

Dave Hopwood

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