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1986 S3 N/A Project

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Not sure exactly what is squeaking, but I will let you know...



No, party was near Cromer. This is Rushton Hall in Leicestershire. We stopped over there on the way back. Fantastic place, very grand, amazing food and a nice spa for the other half, although I did have to have a back massage!

I would def recommend it for a special treat. 

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Vin, just realised I didnt get back re the squeak.

The gearchange squeak was coming from where the rods exit the chassis backbone. I squirted some lub around the rubber bushes/grommets and it hasnt squeaked since, another 500miles later.

Other issues :-

Brake squeal sorted by adding some anti sqeak shims at the back and some copper grease at the front.


When at Donnington, I realised that my binnacle was not quite like everyone elses - wires visible at the front looking through the windscreen and the binnacle was resting on the centre console fascia.

Turns out I had not reattached the metal cradle that links the binnacle to the cross beam correctly. So, yesterday, all came out and redone. Happy now.


Little bit of play in the steering. I have traced it down to below the upper UJ. I'm hoping its the lower UJ, otherwise, its the rack!

It still steers fine but it gets a little tiring constantly having to adjust.


Oh, and I guess to finish the thread in style, I should mention that I took the car to my first carshow a couple of weekends ago and won the classics class. Just a smallish local show but all the same, my son and I were dead chuffed. I'm going to the Prestatyn weekend at the end of the month. Sunday run and Monday show.

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

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