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looked at potential new 77 esprit last night

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looked at teh car I want. this is a 77 esprit federal standard

looks nice, the gel coat is over all nice, but on the rear passenger fender, it was hit, and there is some cracking, and it was spray painted on that panel (cracks have come thru the paint)

interior is nice looking, cmall crack on dash pod panel next to air vent

no battery in teh car so no electiric tests.

this is car I wrote about earlier that has no oil pressure after a timing belt change after the belt broke, two valves were bent, and the head was re-worked brake fluid clean,

there is something leaking under the front trunk as the under side is oily (oil maybe or antifreeze???) and there were a few drips on thr floor. what is up front that can drip other than coolant or hydrolic fluid??? is there an oil cooler up there?? (i saw a cooler below engine on right side)

car has 2006 tags, so it has been off road for a few years

the rear bumper has the abs cover, the front rubber bumper is rotten, but the owner will include a new front abs cover.

so that is it. body is excellent except for the paint repar and cracks, since rest of body is so nice, I would [probably ignore the cracks rather than spend big money for a full repaint (and it is a gel coat car)

one of the roof trim pieces is popped off near the rear hatch lid hinge, but still secured up front, how should this trim part be attached, clips, adhesive???

the big unknown is the mechanicals, no oil pressure, kind of oily under the engine, looks like a skid plate under the engine on right side i can see oil has built up on it. and of course i cannot drive it, so no testing transmission nor brakes, nor suspension.

if I go for this, i plan to look again, and jack up the car.

any advise on this car is needed, approximate cost to repair what you think could be wrong with engine, and anything I should be aware of that might be very expensive???


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Hi Dave,

Glad to see you finally got to lok at the car, It seems to me that you already really want this car and if you are prepared to put the work in and spend some time on it you will end up with a nice motor! Having said that you must look at the price for this car, you did not say how much they want for it! Just remember a non running esprit is a very cheap car to buy due to the engine and drivetrain not been cheap to repair! So really you want a good deal on this car to begin with or you will end up spending more money on this car than you would spend on a good condition esprit! please just bare that in mind!

Not sure what the price differences are over there as a lotus is a bit more rare in america than here in the u.k, However this car should still be classed as a complete restoration car, so pay as little money for it as possible!

1. As for the leak on the front end the only fluids you have there are coolant as the radiator is up the front, also you have the brake masater cylinder and clutch master cylinder under the bonnet ( hood ) and the the washer bottle ( screen wash ) so other than that there should be no other fluids ,all I can think is that the engine oil may off run down the chassis if the cars on a bit of a slope!

2. Brakes and so on are not a problem as well a suspension and can be bought fairly cheap, The one thing I would most defininatley check on the car is the chassis tubeing by where the exhuast downpipe runs, these tend to RUST on the s1, s2 and even later cars!

3. As for the engine problem there is no way off telling whats caused it without seeing or stripping, as I said before it could be that the oil pump needs priming, also as other people ave said it could be the pressure releif valve, there could be so many reasons!

4. price wise remember lotus engines are expensive to rebuild, not sure what your budget is but this would be a good car to buy and do up slowly and you will end with a good car in the end, but as I said before if you pay to much for the car in the begining it ends up not been worth it!

Good luck with the car purchase and hope you get it, And remember that there are many people on this forum that will help with questions and technical advise also many people on your side of the water that can help with info and parts suppliers, Also maybe some of our american members can give you an idea of what to offer for the car!

Hope this helps regards danny


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asking price is $6500 US hard to find a comparable car to get an idea of what it should be. to me the cost is fair if the engine issues are minimal, and all the other unknowns are good (brakes, electrics, tranny etc...)

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Hi Dave,

$6500 Sounds like a hell of a lot of money for an s2 esprit, even in the states where they are harder to come by, As you dont even know yet what the engine problem is i.e it could be serious, So on that account, Hard to work out but at my exchange rate it works out a


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