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Noise in passenger footwell/underdash

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Hello all,

I have a question regarding a noise that seems to be coming from the underside of the dash in the passenger footwell. The noise occurs at a constant pace every second when the car is running. I did a search within the forum to see if there was any information from past posts but wasnt successful in finding anything.

The noise sounds like a large bumble bee or a door buzzer (haha :) ) noise pulsing on and then off every second. it isnt very loud but you can certainly hear it with the radio off or when sitting at stop lights with no engine noise to drown out the under dash sound.....

is this one of those "they all do that, sir." ?

any insight greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :D


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The only thing I can conclude is that it's one of the door motors inside the a/c box. I know mine will make a constant sound roughly every second or so when I have the switch set to blow at both the footwell as well as the windshield, but not when I have it in any other position. Try changing to a different mode (dash vents for example) and see if the noise goes away, if not, it's likely something else.

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I just leave it on any "single" setting. The cabin is small enough that if I choose to use either the footwell or the windshield defroster vents, it's usually enough to take care of everything anyway, so no need to use the upper/lower setting anyway.

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I had a similar situation. Heard a constant noise that came from under the dash on the passenger side (USA car). I was doing some repair from the accident and had the passenger dash out and found out that the noise was the stepper motor for the actuator flap (sits to the lower left of the derm). It was rotating back and forth about +/- 10 degrees constantly. However, when I picked another setting on the console switch, the stepper would rotate and then stop in position. For some reason, it would only oscilate back and forth when the setting was on 2 out of the 4 positions. I looked to get a new stepper motor...and when I saw the price ($$$$), decided to just live with it. If anyone figures out how to fix the stepper motor to stop this, let me know

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