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I noticed the left rear wheel had a decent amount of side to side play. Upon further inspection, I have found the hub is a bit loose.

Does anyone know the size of the nut holding the rear hub? Appears to be about 31mm. I will need to purchase a separate socket for this as mine only go to 28mm.

Also, with the car jacked up, should I just apply the brakes to tighten the nut so as not to spin the hubs?

Thank you for any information

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Dont bother jacking the car up, simlply apply the handbrake with the car on the ground and tighten it up :D way you get good pressure aplied and dont run the risk of the car slipping of the jack aswell!

Also have a good look to make sure the bearings ok, Im always curious when things come loose on the drivetrain as its normally a sign of something not been right! i.e bearing damaged, Hope its only loose though and nothing serious. If needs be check the other side and looks for differences!

Regards danny


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Yeah mine used to do that as well - tips :

Take the old nut off - clean the thread of grease and anti-seize (this seems to help it work loose).

Gent a new nylock nut - dont use any anti-seize on it.

Tighten the bugger up - Lotus told me you cannot really over tighten that nut - as correctly stated it is about 270 NM, I used to take mine down to Lotus to be checked and they told me to use a 2 ft bar and a socket to just swing on it.

Finally mark the nut and the shaft with a paint pen so next time you check on the hub nut you can see whether it has come undone or not - I check mine every month or so now but it's never moved again.

Lay off the anti-seize :D

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Thanks for the info! Nut is 30mm. I first torqued it to 150lbs and that took over half a turn so it was quite loose. I then finished the torque to 200lbs. Nice and snug now with no play.

-Good idea to take the nut off and replace as noted and maybe fit a locking one over it.

I'll definitely keep my eye on it. 2002 with only about 9k miles.

BTW, the passenger side...nice and tight there.

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