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can you get keyfobs for the alarm?

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Unless the UK cars are different there is no key fob for the S4. The alarm is activated by locking the door with the key and turning one notch further. Can also be done with aftermarket units.

Key fobs didn't come along until the V8's.

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1995 S4s

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I certainly had an alarm on my S4 but I'm sure it was an aftermarket jobbie and not factory fitted.

It may of course replaced a factory fitted unit. I'm not sure.

Why not give the factory a call. They will tell you whether it was fitted with a remote alarm/immobiliser when it left Hethel and if it did they may be able to point you in the right direction to get a new remote fob.

Do you know the make of the alarm or is there anything in the history to say who fitted it and when? If you know the manufacturer give them a call instead

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My S4 does the same, though I also have a remote button on my Opel/Vauxhall key that locks/unlocks the doors. This button however does not enable the alarm, just locks the vehicle and flashes the parking lamps to acknowledge lock/unlock. I am in the process of attempting how to allow it to engage the alarm system currently utilised by turning the key to the right in the drivers door handle. This is due to having the key not unlock the door, search for thread about locking one's self out of their

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my mams 1990 se came with no fob, we got one and it locks doors and arms alarm i think , sure it an oe fitting alarm. it was disconected when we got it ? i wonder why that was ? i think there more to it than last owner losing fob, i'm thinking its a crap alarm and fitted badley and causes eletricical gremlins :) or may be not.

whats others opions??? any one had problems ???

whould / is the oe alarm wired in to fuel pump, i dont know wish i knew more ???

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lol had a read of that thread and thought i would go try again with the lock and guess what happend? after much jiggling swearing etc it turned to the horizontal postion :devil: then it got stuck there and would not turn back LOL

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