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Separated at Birth


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Separated at Birth….John Travolta / Gordon Masson???


Hi folks….. guess what I will be doing on Saturday Night?

You have seen the film, maybe even tried some of the moves yourself on the dance floor, but on Saturday 28th March at His Majesty’s Theatre… for one night only…. “The Dancing Dads” take to the stage to perform a unique dance routine to the music of Saturday Night Fever! B)

My daughter is a pupil at Karen Berry’s Danscentre in Aberdeen and every three years they put on a magnificent show at HMT for 3 nights.

At this years Saturday night show (Sold out I’ll have you know!!) the penultimate act will be a Saturday Night Fever medley performed by over 30 of the pupil’s Dads of which your truly is one.

We have been practicing for the past 4 weeks and although we may not be looking at a new career in theatrical dance we have come on a fair bit from the total lack of spatial awareness and multiple left feet of our first sessions.

Our confidence is growing but stage fright and nerves are beginning to creep in with the thought of performing live in front of 1500 people!

Only one more practice to go this week before the dress rehearsal on Friday, Got my outfit… white flares and a two tone purple shirt….mmm nice :P

Strange, it seemed like a good idea and like it would be a bit of a laugh when we signed up for this ….not quite so funny now though!! :(

Never mind, we should raise a few quid for charity so some good will come of our embarrassment. :o

….2,3,4…”Burn baby burn, Disco Inferno” [Point]….”Burn baby burn” [swivel hips] ……“Burn that mama down” [spin] :rofl:

Eat your heart out Travolta. !!! ;)

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Gordon, you disco animal! :thumbup:

We'll all be keeping our fingers crossed that you are Stayin' Alive as your Jive Talkin' wards off any Night Fever when You Should Be Dancing.

And may the audience be very charitable with you. B)

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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:thumbup: Brilliant. Please, please, please share the video! :D

Good luck! :D

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Bonne chance et bon courage, Gordon....JT's a good bloke, too; bought me a coffee, once...his personal aeroplane's a 707!

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Hang loose Brothers!

Check this out!

Truth is, the MAN trying to keep us down but some of us Brothers gonna get Funky!

Talking ,bout getting down!Baby!

Gonna stick it to the MAN!

The Teacher Sistas aint gonna find our moves in no fancy College Books!

Aint no Encyclopedia for getting Funky Baby!!

Right on!!!

Hope this clarifies matters! B)

The local press were there last week and the local TV News station are coming tonight :D

As for video ... well yes, the show is being recorded .... will i be brave enough to post it????????? ....depends how many mistakes i make. :thumbup:

The way we are lined up on the stage is by height, I'm third row back, stage right so shouldn

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I was doing a quick practice at home the other day (as you do....) and saw my neighbour who had spotted me through the window while I was in mid Saturday Night Fever pose ( left hand on hips, right hand pointing skyward!). Thankfully I wasn
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