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907 Cam Sprockets

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77 Esprit S1 - 907 engine Federal Spec

My car has the following set up:-

Intake Cam Sprocket - Blue Dot

Exhaust Cam Sprocket - Green Dot

Is this combination OK? as I know the Green Dot sprocket was used on the 910

engine. The Green Dot sprocket was installed by Lotus when they reported wear on

the original sprocket to the PO. My Cams are standard.

If not suggestions?

Thanks Gavin

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Hi Giorgio

The PO had the green dot installed when wear was reported on the original sprocket during a cam belt service. I think it is likely that they couldn't source a red/blue dot sprocket and installed a green dot.



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Guest bharper

You could go ahead and change to a 107 or 104 cam, and keep the green dot sprocket! Gavin, if you need a red/blue original sprocket, I can probably fix you up with one, I have a pair I will not be using.

On my s1 907 with stock federal 110 degree cams, I am going to 1986-87 federal turbo red-blue dot htd round tooth sprockets. They can be set to 110 degrees, the htd belt setup is about 4 times the service life of the original belt, and it saves 2hp in friction and heat. Plus do not tend to jump timing. Stole the set with the aux and crankshaft sprockets included off ebay a couple of years ago for one hundred bucks. The crank sprocket was a bit rusty, and picked up a new shiney one with a bunch of other lotus parts for $45 bucks (also from ebay).

Latest score was a pair of used correct s1 koni front shocks, still have excellent dampening, for $32. Will eventully do the same thing I did with the rear koni's that came on the car when I got it, send them to true choice koni racing in ohio for a total rebuild and dyno run. The rears look like, and are functionally new now after the trip, but expensive at $200 each for the rebuild.

Send me an email (if you still have my email from about 6 months or a year ago), or pm, and will work out getting a sprocket sent out to you.


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