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Inlet air temperature - Freescan?

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Has anyone got any measurements of inlet air temperatures?

Is this something that you can log with Freescan on the GM injection cars?

I'm curious about inlet temperatures on charge cooled cars compared to non-charge cooled cars.

I am measuring the inlet air temperature on my carb turbo (no charge cooler). It only gets to about 50 degrees C during short bursts of acceleration & boost.

I suppose if you are boosting continuously it would get a lot hotter.

I searched the forum, but nothing concrete about this...

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From my readings and experience.

on a 90F day for example... roughly

I've seen Chargecooler (MAT Manifold Air Temperature) temps of ~95F. So 30c ambient and 35MAT for you in the UK.

I'm looking through various Freescan logs and am struggling to see any MAT higher than 38C.

The MAT sensor on the chargecooled cars is just after the chargecooler heat exchanger, in the elbo before the intake plenum.

For a normally aspirated car I would expect ~135F temps on the same day.

And from a turbo, non-intercooled car I would expect ~214F...

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Thanks - do you have any graphs to show rpm/boost/MAT versus time?

So on a turbo, non-inter-cooled car you would expect 214F or about 100C. I am only seeing about 50C when ambient is about 25C.

My sensor is in the plenum at the purge pump line on the underside.

I might try another type of sensor - the one I am using has quite a slow response, so it may not be fast enough.

(Hence my request for a graph for comparison with mine..)


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I have two separate Freescans, one was recorded on a 16.5C (62F) day with MAT temps past 90C (194F) with a chargecooler impeller issue. After a repair the next was recorded on a 10C (50F) day with MAT temps at 17C ( 62.6F) if you pm me I can email you both files so you can compare side to side.


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