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Roger 912

Front tyres on my G Turbo

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On my one Red Esprit Turbo, I have always had a problem with the car pulling to the right and I have had the steering geometry checked twice and still the pulling persists.

The tyres that I have on the front are Pirelli P 600 - 205/55/15 and I notice that the tread pattern which has a diagonal line across the tread is slanting in the same direction on both sides of the front.

Nowhere on the tyre does it say, this side out and I am wondering if this could be the problem.

I know I could put the front wheels of my green one on the red one to try and see if this cures the problem, but I thought that I would take the easy option and ask first.

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p600's are not directional Roger :):

if you get a piece of paper and place a pen diagonally on it, then rotate the paper 180*, the diagonal will be in the same direction.

you really need to swap those wheels over to eliminate the wheels and tyres,if it is still pulling, then we will have to dig deeper.

Hope you had a great time in OZ and NZ, welcome back :P


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