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Cooling hose question

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Hi Folks,

While I was changing my timing belt I noticed that there was a bit of a nick worn in one of my cooling hoses by the timing belt, the pipe now sits far away from the timing belt so it must have been re-positioned before I bought the car. It's not leaking but is a weakness.

Now I know about it I want to replace the hose to avoid any problems in the future.

When I looked at my parts list I saw that there are three hoses making up the pipe, a 90degree turn from the water pump, a reducer and a pipe to go down to the aluminium return pipe down the centre of the car. (I've listed those in reverse order to the water flow sorry for confussion)

On my car though, there is only one hose?

Does any one know if a single hose was ever used? Was one hose later used on the S4 N/A's (my parts list is only S3)? Or is this a hoses from another car completely?

I'd prefer to use a single hose (that fits correctly) if at all possible to reduce the number of joints (and oportunities for leaks) so any advice gladly received.



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My TE has had similar damage to that pipe from the's a very common fault. I have the 3 piece pipe arrangement and have used a hose clip to fasten the aluminium reducer piece to the body/chassis and thus restrain the hose well away from the ravages of the cambelt bandsaw. I'm about to put the rebuilt engine back in, and this thread is a timely reminder to ensure that there's still bags of clearance! I have no knowledge of one single hose being used in this application; maybe a PO had the sort of relationship I used to have with a hose and exhaust stockists where one could wander around the warehouse and select something suitable!!

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