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Headlight lift motors on 84 turbo don't work....confused!

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Hi guys,

I'm working on restoring the electrics on my 84 Turbo Esprit. Until now, I've managed to get about 80 percent working, but I have a few problems with the headlight motors.

The motors have been replaced, and the headlights are working (both low beam, and high beam)

The wiring loom seems to be original....

I've sourced the Lotus Notes and found the wiring diagram, but seems confusing.

I assume the small relay bank, just behind the left headlight pod, is the key to the operation of these motors? The first relay from the left (so seen outboard) seems to short circuit as soon as I put a relay in the box...

The fuse box has been checked and is ok, the inline fuse to the headlights is checked and is also in working order. Swapping relays did not have any effect on the operation of the motors, they remain dead.

Is there any way of connecting the motors externally to check their operation.

Am I overlooking a relay, or a fuse (horn and windscreen washer don't work either)

It seems the car is a huge project....I'm also converting all regular outside lighting to LED, in order to reduce the stress on the entire wiring loom.

Regards, Ruud

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Did you replace the motors yourself and what did you replace them with? The motors have a rotating contact inside them. When you power up they should spin for I think 180 degrees (I might be out on this) and then stop. The contacts inside corrode and can stop the whole motor working. If you bought second hand you may have bought non working motors?

If it is this its a fairly simple fix once you open up the motor.

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The motors have been replaced by completely revised units, including switchgear. I'll look into the fact that there might be an inhibit switch mounted somewhere. Thanks for the pointers, I'll keep you guys posted.

regards, Ruud-Peter

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