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POLL: Driving Tests - who passed first time then?

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Well... they say that good drivers don't pass first time! Guess that's me out :o

Where: Bletchley

When: 01.04.05

First time? Yes

Faults: 1 - Failing to look in the rear view mirror when indicating off a roundabout. Obv. born to drive something with a big glass pannel on the back! :o

Please feel free to adopt a version of these 4 questions to suit your country should it not be GB - dunno how you do it out elsehwere, I think they drive round traffic cones in America :o

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EspritMiltonKeynes - ironically now lives in Edinburgh London (SE4)

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I failed my first test way back in 1970. Think I rolled backwards on a hill start.

Also failed my first test in California in 1999 due to exceeding 25 mph in a residential area becuase I was rolling downhill and the speed built up without me noticing. What is it with me and rolling?

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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Well... they say that good drivers don't pass first time! Guess that's me out :o


Did it twice first time,

Bike test 1956

Car test 1957

YEAH , YEAH, I know there werent the amount of cars on the road then,.......................Well, thats your excuse not mine .!!

Mike B) B) B)

"Neglect not thy opportunities"

Martock ,Somerset. 1661

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WHERE: Car - Newton Abbott, Devon on market day

Bike - Walton on Thames, Surrey

WHEN: Car - 1966, I think, a blur in the mists of time

Bike - 1984, again not certain

Both first time passes. First car was an MGTC which I rebuilt over 5 years and ended up a supercharged loony machine. Immediately after passing the bike test I traded in the 125 Honda for a Benelli 504 sport.

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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WHERE: Weybridge Surrey

WHEN: 1998

WHAT: Diesel 306

PASSED: First Time with 2 minors (I think your allowed 15?)

Had an interesting incident when we walked out of the test center. The instructor turns points at a blue fiesta and says "can you read that number plate" to which I reply "yes" and continue walking to the car. He calls me back and makes me read it to him. OOPS, I was nervous. :blink:

Does anyone remember the first time they drove on the motorway? I got in my car 30 minutes after passing my test and thrashed off to see the girl friend in London, Jumped on the motorway and suddenly realised how little a lowered Mini can feel on the M25!


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Where: Bath, England

When: Summer 1987

What: Some kind of awful Seat, maybe an Ibiza?

Passed: First time, but I did have a gazillion lessons.

The following is absolutely true:

My brother's best friend ran over a pedestrian on Pultney Bridge in Bath on his driving test (the pedestrian was jay walking aloong the side of the pavement) and a school friend was stopped for speeding on her test on Wellsway in Bath. Neither passed.


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Car test was...

Where? Near Dortmund, Germany

WHEN? July 1988

WHAT? Army 110 diesel landrover

Tracked vehicle test....

WHERE? Catterick garrison, N Yorks

WHEN? Feb 1988

WHAT? Cheftian main battle tank.

(Yes i did actually learn to drive tanks before cars!)

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I passed first time, 1989. To be honest without sounding big headed it was a piece of piss!

My uncle taught me to drive - he was a class 1 ppolice driver at the time, so I had some quite arduous lessons. The test itself was just too easy. The revers around a corner so such a long bend it was almost straight, and the hill start was practically flat! (Not that I was complaining!)

The only downer was my uncle was going to get me on the police skid pan after I passed my test which would have been a scream but it never happened! :blink:

MK1 Volkswagen Golf Owners Club Well, had to get this one in if anyones interested?!
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When 4/10/1990 age 17

Where Edinburgh

First time Yes

Faults None

What in Instructors rusty nissan sunny

Lessons 2

During my test a woman walked out in front of me with a pram so that took care of the emergency stop and turning into a back road i was blocked in by a removal truck so i waited for a moment then put all 4 wheels on the pavement and drove round it. Didnt want to spoil the exameners test route:)

Tracked H Class licence

When 1993 age 20

where Catterick North yorkshire England

First time yes

What Chieftain Main Battle Tank

I see im the second one here driving tanks :blink:

I get paid to pick up strange military vehicles in the middle east and learn how to drive them within the time it takes to get in it so i find driving easy at all speeds and in all conditions Desert or Ice:)

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When: 31/12/77

Where: Bilston, West Midlands

What: Instructors Mark 1 Escort

Good day - New years eve! The instructors had been out for a lunchtime drink!!!

Advanced Test

When: 1992

Where: All over the West Midlands!!

What: Astra GSi

Test took 1.5 hours and was with an ex police driving instructor.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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with modern tanks, when turning the treads in opposite directions, is a true "in place" turn possible?


Yes mate, its called a neutral turn, gear in neutral, give it a load of revs & pull the stick & round she goes, as it puts a load of stress on the gearbox, engine & tracks in a Challenger your supposed to stop every quarter turn then start again. The German Leopard 2 tank however can spin on the spot all day long.

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I took my drivers test in Perry Barr, Birmingham England in 1975, in my dads Sebring Red Cortina 2000 GXL. :)

The instructor took one look at it and then me and told me it was a very powerful car and he wanted me to be extreemly careful :blink:

I passed first attempt :)

Dad had been letting me drive for the previous 2 yrs, and the first car I ever drove was his Daimler V8 250. :)

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WHEN :- 1974

WHERE :- Skipton, Yorkshire (had no traffic lights at the time)

WHAT :- Instructors Mini

passed on 2nd attempt six weeks after 1st


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Hi all,

Passed motor bike test first time in 1967,bought a Bond Bug (the original Esprit prototype but nobody will admit to it in 1969!!!) and started driving from the day I picked it up without any previous experience!!! Took car test in 1974,passed first time again (smug grin!) also took my taxi driving test in Sydney in 1980 also passed first time but the main qualification was speaking English,which has probably been done away with now!!!

Cheers Paul.

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Passed 20 07 00 at 23yrs old

that was my fourth attempt having said that the other 3 tests where before

my 18 birthday, waited till i was 23 because the army only paid for my

license when i needed vone for conversion to armoured infantry!

Got my H Tracked vechile license 2001 for warrior AFV! in GERMANY

so im the third tracked man on the forum any more out there! :blink:


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Passed 20 07 00 at 23yrs old...


    ...that was my fourth attempt

Cool B) , Glad i'm not alone needing four cracks at it!

My dad has never taken a test. He went into the military police in the sectioned

berlin and drove around with some forces pass, he then returned home and joined

the UK police and had the pass transferred to a full license. He retired some years

ago, but ended his career as an inspector in the traffic police around the M6 and

coventry, driving Jags and BMW motorbikes - all without ever being tested!!!!!


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