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[FOR SALE] 4 cyl Larini club sport twin exit exhaust and Bailey dump valve


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I'm having a clear out of these noisy bits removed from my '92 SE Hi-wing.

1. Larini club sport exhaust - twin exit.

I purchased this when I found my standard exhaust was blowing. I fitted it and was horrified at how loud it was. I then removed and re-fitted it again just to make sure it wasn't a leaking joint or something but no, it is just LOUD. In total I think it was only on the car for about 150 miles max. I managed to get my standard system repaired so it went back on.

Sorry about the pre-amble but just want to make sure any prospective purchasers know that these exhausts are a lot louder than standard! It should also be noted that (on the SE at least) a small semicircle has to be removed from the rear valance to clear the second tailpipe and the mesh grille cut back to let the pipe through. Otherwise it is a straight bolt-on job. The only bolts not provided with the exhaust are the long ones for the clamp ring. You might be lucky and re-use your original bolts but mine were totally corroded and I replaced them with st. steel (M8 x 100 if I remember correctly).

This system cost me well over 400.00 GBP so bargain at 300.00 GBP + postage at cost (I'd guess about 15.00 GBP in UK mainland)



2. Bailey Motorsport Dump Valve

This was fitted to my Esprit when I bought it but the 'Fast and Furious' whooosh noise drove me mad. Dump valves are a worthwhile addition to turbo cars however so I've replaced it with a quieter re-circulating valve.

Please note this is the valve only, no silicone tee piece, vacuum hose etc. There is a slight mark where the red anodising has been rubbing on the engine cover (see photo).

30.00 GBP + postage at cost.



Calypso red '92 Esprit SE Hi-wing

Calypso red '87 Excel SE

Blue '07 BMW X3 2.0TD SE

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Hi Hans,

How loud is the larini? I have the SJ sports box on mine at the moment, but I want a dual exit exhaust to give the rear of the car a better look. I was thinking of buying the twin centre exit one from germany but at nearly 800 euro's is way over priced for me.



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quite loud, deep sound,but not too loud imho

think there are sound files on youtube :devil:

One remark : have the supports re-welded (re-infordec), they tend to break, it's just 5 min's job

See here mine :

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Keith, Is your car in at Alis place in Loanhead getting some work done - if so I saw it the other day and thought it looked lovely!

Hi Stephen,

No, I'm afraid the car you saw wasn't mine. She's laid up in my garage waiting for my starter motor to return from being refurbished. Hopefully I'll be back on the road by next weekend.



Calypso red '92 Esprit SE Hi-wing

Calypso red '87 Excel SE

Blue '07 BMW X3 2.0TD SE

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