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Hi Guys...Water Loss....No Motor Car Engine should ever use Cooling water..None.

Engine Oil Yes some Engines use Oil others None like my Sport 350 not a drop my last Esprit V8 used a huge amount but that 97 car was very fast fact.

Ok So what should you Do...When cold and on a level surface remove the Header Tank Radiator Cap...

Note they have 2 seals one below the top ( black thin flat Rubber ) to seal on the top of the Header tank this one allows Excess water to pass to the other Header tank behind the O/s side rear Wheel..under extreme Over Heat like in traffic very hot day...when the engine cools that water in the 2nd tank will be sucked back into the main Header tank and used in the cooling system.

The lower Cap rubber Seal is the one that releases the actual pressure at around 12-15PSI (pounds per square Inch) in your normal old fashioned car that cap would dump the water on the floor.

Ok So the Radiator Cap is OK..if in doubte Buy a new One !!

Water Level looking inside the top header tank there is a Red plastic removeable Insert the water Level should be at the bottom of it... and Do Not Fill Above..!!!!

Your System should never need anti Freeze adding under any circumstances apart from getting the level correct after maintenance.

If Fluid is needed You have a problem.. either your cars cooling System has an External Leak and the Esprit does suffer these..Loose Hose Clips..Turbo water pipes..Radiator failure and its minor alloy pipe work etc..most easy to fix.

Liner Seal failure..which caused by the Liner sealing Glue failing...letting Cooling Water into the Engine Crank Case Oil Sump area ..(that is between the Liner and the Engine Block casting.).which in turn is burnt by the way the engine Eats it own very hot Fumes via the Inlet Plenuim chamber..(which is fed by the turbo boost Pressue )

Please Note there has never Been a Design Issue or part failure all Piston Liner failure is caused By the Liner Seal failing which is the this time the factory are using a third new sealing Glue..which seems to have cured the problem.

Any owner not paying attention to Water Loss (Anti Frezze) by just adding more & More fliud will cause serious damage..what happens the water loss passage by the Liner causes a Hot Spot which also effects the Piston..End result Oval Liner/Piston hence failure..caused by the owner not taking car to a Workshop or not seeing that water Warning Light working...its very important to have some one check that light as above I would say twice a year it costs nothink to check.

Your Water Level Warning Light on the dash...Test IT !!!!

Remove the Senser 2 push on connections and join the pair together a paper Clip will do it...Keep away from Body Metal as its the cars return ie Earth path.

Switch on IGN Light should come On...Switch off disconnect paper clip.

Next check & Clean the Float Switch in header tank by unscrewing flange anti Clock wise..If you shake up and Down you should be able to hear the the Float making a thonk noise....wash clean under the tap..Note there is a little hole to let the water in and re-connect those 2 wires with float vertical as it came out of the tank....switch Ign On..light should came On...Turn Float up side down Light should go Out...Switch sensor checking the rubber seal.

be happpy help any member with guidence tel any time 01446 796595....

cheers....Rob C...over 45,000 V8 Miles driven myself

[email protected] or 07976 609881

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