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Got the little bugger out.

And replaced it with the electronic one from the V8.

Going to see my physiotherapist now to get my back straightend again.

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How did you get it out? I can't even see where it is attached to the top of the pedal box. Since you just did this job, I have a few questions besides as to how you got it out!

How does it work? My wire broke where it connects to the termperature knob in the center console. I followed the green housing across to the right side (my car is a left hand drive), then the green housing goes back across, as you can see it through the fresh air flap from the front compartment where the spare tire is, then it attached to the valve. But the range of motion at the valve just seems like a on/off click. So I don't understand how the termperature is varied. How does that work? Since you have yours out, you can probably tell.

Did your valve fail, or freeze, or what happened to cause you to take it out? After I bought my car I noticed the heater didn't change temperatures and that is when I discovered the broken control wire. Maybe it broke because the valve froze?? I'm wondering what the failure mode is for the valve.

Thanks, for the help. I may only have to replace the cable/wire but I don't want to start replacing that until I understand how the valve works and if it is working properly.

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