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Roger 912

Is it Sacrilege

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Reading "Lotus Esprit" "The complete story" by Jeremy Walton, he makes a comment that Colin Chapman would have loved to have fitted EFI as standard to the Esprit, but cost restraints stopped him. In saying that, I do know that "G" Turbo's exported to the USA were fitted with the mechanical Bosch Injection for emmision control.

When I purchased my red one some 4 years or so ago, some [email protected]$#@rd had stolen the complete induction system from the top of the turbo to the cylinder head, including the Dell'Orto's. Once the engine had been bebuilt, after the previous owner snapped an exhaust valve, the workshop in Cape Town stated that I should rather go the aftermarket EFI route. I imported the inlet manifold and plenum chamber from the UK and the workshop set about having a set of throttle boddies manufactured to the size of the Dell'Ortos. Fortunately, the Bosch fuel pump was strong enough for the injectors and the EFI system used has "Batch Injection" meaning that all 4 injectors squirt in fuel on each revolution of the engine.

The performance of the car is amazing and having a normally aspirated one as well to compare it with, I would say that there is little to choose between them on performance, but the EFI does seem to be quite a bit more economical the the other.

Is this modification sacrilege or would A.C.B.C. have approved.

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Great improvement on the car I say, If set up well probably better performance i.e throttle response and hopefully improved hot starting,

Also when you are put in a postion where parts are missing and hard to obtain i.e from your land mass, you have to improvise and get round

round it, Looks like the guys in the workshop have done a very tidy conversion, :yes:

Regards Danny

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