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Tyres choices on GT3 / S4 wheels

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Rigth, it's time for a new pair of tyres on the front of my TE, with GT3 / S4 wheels so it's 215/40 17s I need.

Original fitment for the wheels were Goodyear GS-A now out of production, and probably improved quite a bit.

Any experiences on GT3/ S4 car out there?

What are the current Lotus recommendations?

I'm conscious may people express preferences for one tyre over another, but if it's on a different size the characteristics may not be the same as for this particular size.

I've started looking at Goodyear GSD at

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I have NEXEN N3000 fitted on my GT3 wheels, they came with them when I bought them. Have had no problems and they get good reviews if you Google. Popular in the states

I'm running them on an 88 Turbo.

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^Think those were off me^

I'm currently running Toyo's on my split rims but have run all sorts in the past.

Yokohama's were fabulous in the dry but Bollox in the wet

Goodyears unless they're eagles are bollox all the time, hard wearing but no good grip gains in the dry!! (IMHO)

Bridgestones are good but expensive

Dunlops No thanks

Avons Good tyre all round

Toyo's seem to be a good compromise, they are useable in the wet but don't push them (I totter round like a northern lass after a dozen babychamps anyway in the esprit in the wet) and then loads and loads of grip in the dry.

All the above can be used discounted or disagreed with as you wish.

I also had a twenty minute conversation with my secreatry once where I thought she was talkin about designer ties and she was in fact talking about designer tyres (Yokohama's to be precise). She couldn't remember the name of them and her boyfriend had just bought some. As a biggoted sexist idiot I presumed I miss heard her and proceed to spout on about how I'd never heard of a japanese Tie designer...................!!!!!

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I've just removed a pair of ZZ3s from the SE. My advice, avoid them like the plague. Absolute rubbish in the wet, with the tyres spinning up or back end sliding with the merest provocation. Roundabouts were a constant buttock-clenching nightmare. In the dry they were ok, but no more than that.

Now switched to Kumo Ecsta Sport KU31 (one of the few tyres available in original size) and the transformation is amazing. Perhaps not the best tyre in the world but night & day in comparison to the ZZ3s.

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I ran the Dunlop Sport 9000 which was quite good - though will echo Mangel on the 9090 and others in the family. Wet grip on the 9000 was great.

I also ran Pirelli P Zeros. Horrid. Couldnt wait to be shot of them. Was like ice skating in the wet.

Finally I've run Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D2 and the current GS-D3. Both give you chuckable confidence though if I could find any, I'd go back to the D2 over the D3 in the wet.

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Hi Andy

I've got the Nexen's on the back of mine, they were cheap but I thought I'd try them and I have to say they hung in well with no loss of grip on the track at Hethel the other week


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Hi Andy,

some more threads where this has been discussed.

Basically , everyone has a favoured choice, people swear blind that certain tyre types/makes are pants. I drive my esprit a lot and to be honest its my drving skill and judgement that goes before the tyres give up their grip and when they do its because i am going to fast , to much pedal and I am on wet, greasy cold roads.

so take your pick, i dont think there is an horrendous road tyre for good old fashioned hooning. Different if you want it on a track though.



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Much like Simon I too am running the Goodyear F1 GS-D3. My only complaint is that when they are cold you feel as if you are driving on wooden blocks. Though I purchased knowing that they were not designed for cold weather. After 10k miles I will be replacing the rears as they are worn down almost to the wear indicator. The fronts look brand new after 10k miles. I have been quite please with their wet and dry performance.


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Toyo Proxes T1R all round, just ordered a new set for the rears (lasted 15k, still some tread left but got a nick in one and planning a big trip.

Had avon zz1 on the front when I got it from my father. Lots of trouble with leakage at the rim on a random basis, tyre man said corrosion of the rim but it didn't do it before and didn't do it with the new tyres.

Evo magazine man said avon zz1 is for mean people running racing schools because the rubber is so hard it wears slowly, but the payoff is no grip.

............. that's fightingtorque!!!

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