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[FOR SALE] Very Rare Parts

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I am having a clear out of all my spare parts as I sold my Esprit today. The first batch of listings have just gone on ebay. More to come in the next few days.

Because they are so rare I though I would alert you all to the fact that I have just put 2 memcals for the 4 cylinder GMP4 ECU (SE, S4, S4s, GT3) up for sale on ebay. These are extremely rare and I know of the existence of no others. I came across then about 7-8 years ago and have kept them save until now. If these were ever to fail on a car then it would be the end, that is why I have kept them until now. I have even sent one to a GM ECU specialist to see it they could duplicate the firmware and the knock filter circuit on the board and the they were unable to do as these are unique to the Esprit.

One is original, which I can erase and reflash with new code. The other is already modified and ready to take a new chip.

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Yes exactly. You just press the new EPROM chip into the holder and then pop it in the ECU. When I first started chip tuning 8 years ago I could not bring myself to desolder the original EPROM from by original memcal knowing that if anything went wrong the car was scrap. That us why I have held on to these for all these years.

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