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Haha ! Phase 2 coming along really well...

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Haha - all that hard work :(

Nice to see it paying off - all restored components and brand spaking bits with loads of stainless steel on it all.

Thats all the steelwork treated and done for the back end, just gotta add the new exhuast and aerofoil along with the associated brackets and tinker with the gear selector adjustments.

When the engine comes out for the clutch and the manifold I'll finish the chassis off, for now it's OK. Gotta re-plumb all the cooling and induction system and then it's on with the rear suspension which is all coming off - lashings of stainless steel, new brakes, new shocks (hurry up Lotus !!), polyerathane bushes, more stainless steel, shot blasting - touch the badge Kenneth :(

Then onto the front :)

Edited by Jonathan

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Looks good Jon :( Can't wait to see when it's finished.

Here in Finland the salt is the enemy for cars on the winter time. They throw it everywhere when the roads get icy :)

So for my Esprit it's better sleep at the winter time.

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Main thing is the paint which is very very smooth finish and nothing really sticks to it.

I do love my Lotus's (perhaps a bit too much) so I plan everytime when I do the 6 month service on it to just give it a general clean up.

Not planning on any more washing - when the engine comes out (came >||< this close to taking it out myself !) I will do the rest but there's no point atm.

Anything I can take off I will just remove, shot blast and re-store.

Personally I don't find driving through puddles and slippery roads fun, however if this needs touching up every other winter so be it - bring it on, I totally enjoy working on the car.

Keep in mind the car was in that state becuase it was neglected and thats 7 years of mank built up on it. I wouldn't expect it to return to that state for another 14 years if it's looked after !

This POR-15 paint however looks primising, got some in the bolt holes and my god is it hard to get out - let you know in a few years time :)

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