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Having removed the aerial now a second time, it was full of water, I chucked it, too hard to get to, so I have already filled in the hole. "I'll get one those things you put up in the roof lining", I've herd about them. Well the theory was good, but now I can't find one for love nor money. I think they are just insulated wire with a coax plug on the end, since I don't know what I'm talking about, does anyone else? Roger :devil:

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Just down the road from me as it happens:

clicky click

Meant for inside the windscreen, but am sure the other side of GRP would pose no

problem would it? Should be good as it's (unlike the cheap ones) a quality brand and

(unlike the cheap ones) takes a 12v supply for amplification.


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Having chucked the old aerial and fibre glassed the hole there's no going back! Electric aerials work well until you put them on high performance cars, obviously 180 ks was a bit much for it. So this is my solution.


I haven't put it in yet, that's for the weekend, but the idea is it will travel up the "A" pillar and into the roof lining above the sun visor on the on front and just inside the lining above the door so I'm covering a 90 degree angle. (It's just a standard indoor FM aerial which I chopped the terminals off and put a car radio plug on. In theory it should work, how well? I'll get back to you on that one, but the plug was $1,95 so it's not an expensive experiment.


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