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Multi Point Harnesses

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has fitted multi point harnesses to their Esprit and if so, how did they achieve it?

Is there a Lotus supplied kit or will I have to get something fabricated from scratch?

Thanks in advance.

Nellie :devil:

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A while ago on ebay there was one that was custom built out of stainless steel, I was basically just a straight peice of box section that

went across the fire wall bolted from one old seat belt mounting pint to the other, with bolt holes put in for the 4 point harnesses.

It did not show the item fitted in the car, just a description and pic of the mounting bar on its own, I can only presume it did not look to

tidy as it was not painted so would of looke dout of place in the interior, maybe if covered by a custom bit of carpet it may not look so bad.

Regards danny

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Having had harnesses in my Project Esprit, it is possible without too much fuss or difficulty. You will need to deploy at least some kind of stress spreading plates around the bulkhead mounts and potenially on the floor of the body.

The feeling of complete security is very reasuring when in used in conjunction with proper racing seats, but one point you should consider is that once you are strapped-in, you will not be able to reach the handbrake. In certain circumstance this can be a bit of a pain.....

What seats did you plan to use with the harnesses?


Mike S

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Thanks for the advice.

Will need to sit down and work out how best to fit the bolts and spreader plates then!


Have been considering the seat Dave Walters sells on his site or perhaps a sparco or recaro bucket.

Only use my Esprit as a play thing so not really fussd about the hassle of a multi point.

He says now!

Nellie :devil:

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