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Hand brake has decided to stop working.

Rear brakes are working fine 'on the pedal'

Checked the cables - both intact and externally the handbrake mechanism on the calipers is moving in a full arc.

The pads seem to be backing off 'too far' and the caliper is quite wobbly. This wobble disappears when the foot brake is applied.

I assume its either :-

1) that the guide pins are really really worn causing the wobble and hence too much 'distance' for the handbrake travel to take up or (more likely?)

2) the handbrake adjustment mechanism failed - the ratchet stripped?

I don't think that the piston can twist by the required 45 degrees to disengage the ratchet as it is held in by the pad.

If it is just one 'tooth' on the ratchet then fitting used pads might fix it and confirm that diagnosis?

Again in time as the pads wear and the ratchet moves up presumably the handbrake could start working again.

From experience - is it the piston side of the ratchet or the 'pawl' -the handbrake side that fails? I can imagine pistons are still available?

Any advice or observations gratefully received.



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Ratchet (similar to a small-steering rack is part of the piston assembly. They are (or were) available when I needed one. However, at that time not all the various o-rings and other parts were available (They may be now, as you know these things tend to come and go).

I think you are spot on. If the handbrake works with tho old pad, you have a stripped rack on the back of the piston.

I also think the wobble is normal (same as mine). The backing-off from the disk, I am sure will be correct, is non-adjustable and is presumably controlled by the design of the seals).


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Would you credit it!

It's now fixed itself!!!

I guess that just driving around has possibly moved the ratchet to its next notch and taken up the slack.

Oh well thats one less job to do when the Mrs goes to Tunisia in a couple of weeks time. No doubt as I get stuck in to the rear suspension, dash lights, carb balancing front ARB bushes etc etc I'll be on the forum asking for your advice and wisdom.


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