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More Engine Swap queries

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Hi All, have been "lurking" around in the forum since last year, can't offer enough thanks to all those who have posted technical details which have helped me get my 1990 NA up, running and through the (strict) N. Ireland MOT test. As you all know, the NA isn't the quickest esprit around, certainly not with 85K on the clock, my old 1983 S2.2 felt much sharper! I have read all the threads regarding the amazing engine swaps and having achieved basically eveything else in a motoring sense, its on my list to do soonish - so on to the question...what other engines might be workeable in the stevens car? I have been looking at vauxhall 3.0/3.2 V6,loads about, Saab V6 turbo? I have seen mention of the Renault V6 engines but no details regarding swaps carried out...all comments gratefully received :wub:


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Thanks Kimbers, I have been all over the V6 site created by Punky...I think thats what spurred me on, that and Hilly's V8 (too complicated for me I think...) I just wanted to know what other engines are a possible fit, the Jag 3.0 V6 is not that common here so I would need to import from UK, but I can lay my hands on a Saab 3.0 V6 Turbo Griffin which is going for reasonable money


Steve :wub:

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