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Passenger Window Question

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Hello all :)

I have a question in regards to my passenger window. The window motor does work...however.....when the window switch is pressed to put the window down the front of the window goes down before the rear of the window causing it to bind and stop/get stuck at the front. When I assist with my hand pressing down on the rear portion of the window it will go down as it would normally. I did a search to see if anyone had any similar problems but didnt come up with anything :rofl:

Any assistance greatly appreciated!

In the meantime I am going to take the door panel off and have a look :D


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It certainly sounds like a stuck/sticking mechanism or obstruction. How is upward movement? Do you feel any resistance when assisting the window? Does the window appear to be "loose" when halfway down (i.e. does the window feel solid or loose if you try to gently pull upward or down)?

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Hello again,

I have removed the door trim and also the access panel within the door to check out the window guts (See picture 1)

The white plastic slider (See picture 2) is no longer one piece and has snapped in two :) this piece goes over a small metal ball on the scissor arm

I checked out the service manual/parts manual and I am not seeing this sold as a separate part but could be mistaken?

Will make a call tomorrow I guess and hopefully this white plastic slider is sold without the whole scissors assembly haha


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Brian, I'd also suggest going to the local parts house and looking through their "Help!" section. They've got a lot of various parts and may have something that will work if the nylon slider isn't available separately. The "Help!" line of products is made by Motormite/Dorman. Check out In the category search they have door and window. Looking at your picture, it looks like one of the first two items has a very similar looking nylon piece that might be a direct replacement if you can easily remove it and reattach it to your regulator. The Item numbers are 700-896 and 700-897.

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Just had the very same problem with my drivers side door window getting fast on the way down and after examination found the same plastic part that slides in the window carrier channel had worn just like the one in the picture.

Does anyone know if and where this plastic slide can be purchased on its own.

Thanks in advance


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