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I'm in the process of doing all 4 Brembo calipers now. Mine were painted (poorly) a bright yellow and I figure that this is just not right on a silver car. I will return them to gloss black by wet sanding the yellow off and smoothing any nicks or burs from stone chips.

The allen bolts holding the caliper halves together were stupidly tight with blue Loctite. Loosen them 1/4 turn ON THE CAR as it is safe and easy to do this way. Then extract the calipers off their mounts. Expect to replace the allen bolts (I did on mine the hex head looked chewed) . . . they are a common size. Popping the pistons out with compressed air was entertaining and a little scary as they fly rather fast and I had to catch each one. One of the two (per side) pops out easily (into a rag) the other requires much effort with compressed air in the side port and a blockage to the other piston's orifice. It worked though. The pistons are Teflon-coated aluminum so don't pry or use a vicegrip. That will be the end of them in my books. Seals came out easily. Dust boots need a pair of micro screwdrivers to pry them out carefully without gouging the alloy caliper body; but it worked after 1-2 trys.

This is all do-able with common tools and some time. Don't expect success in 20 minutes. I spent and evening doing it slowly and carefully. The caliper wet sanding and spraying took a week.


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