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Hi Chaps,

I know it sounds cheeky, but can anyone help me out with a 'freescan' in the Norfolk area?

I've blown my budget on buying the car and only have minimal funds available to get it running nicely. You'll see my misfire problems described previously in the 'Engine/Ancilliaries' section, and I'm now getting desperate.

I have no problems travelling to you, if you prefer. And I'll gladly pay an agreed fee.

I live in Dereham.


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I'm a few miles down the road near the show ground, I've got a serial cable to hand, and have leant my USB one to Dave Freeman, you're Ok to borrow them if you have a laptop, or, once I get one of my laptops working again I'll happily help.


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Hi Andy,

Many thanks for responding.

I've just been checking my laptop and it doesn't seem to have a serial port. Though I may be able to purchase an adapter if necessary.

As it stands, I'm still putting the exhaust back together after investigating the EBPV. It seems the previous owner has done what many have appeared to have done by jamming the valve open and blanking-off the vac pipe to the solenoid. Unfortunately, the throttle jack and all its vacuum connections are still in place.

I'm going to try to put this right today.

It'll be great to be able to do a freescan and see what other gremlins are lying in wait. It's a relief to know there are other owners close by, as I was beginning to feel lost at sea.

I've got your number, I'll give you a call when the car is up and running.

Once again, thanks for responding.

P.S. I also saw the Esprit that was for sale in Brandon. I was beginning to wish I'd bought that one.

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