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I dunno what to do !

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Everytime I see a V8 I want to go and have a drive.

My GT3 is pretty much A1, it is a cracking car but I'm starting to hanker for more power and to be honest I am seriously staring a engine re-make or something as drastic in the face.

Then I see this :

Thats not a lot of difference to my GT3 price wise, 1/2 the miles and just as good looking.

I haven't stepped in a V8 since my old one developed a few problems that day and I've always shat myself about the prospect of more umph.

The plan would be to get traction controll fitted (which I know a few V8 owners have and I was going to fit to the GT3...)

I guess I need to do some back to back tests but is it better the devil I know (ie a pretty much perfect GT3) or go and buy something in all reality I do not need to tinker with anymore as it'll have more power than I will really ever want ? Or bless someone like Gary Kemp with a few grand and have this car knotched up a few specs ? Dont worry on the re-sale I'm not selling for a long time.

Sometimes I bloody hate Esprits ! :thumbsup:

You can never have enough.

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Actually they do say its had some front corner repairs done.

Jonathan, in answer to your question, people frequently ask me why I expend money on modifying my cars instead of just selling them and buying a faster one with the combination of the modification money and the sale price.

I always respond that I actually enjoy the modification process as much as the finished product and improvement (in my view) that I have made.

If I remember rightly I read a post form yourself about chipping your car to improve the performance, this is an easy cheap start to see if it starts to give you the improvement you are looking for and then build form there. Dermots S4 was close to equalling if not exceeding V8 performance so there are ways of doing it. It would be cheaper in the long run to buy a V8 and as you have said that would have enough power for you with no mods.

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Bit off topic but whats happened to the GT2 project Jon? or have I missed a thread somewhere along the way.

Back on topic. Will you really see that much of a massive power serge in a V8 compared with the GT3 you have? Unless I'm driving mine all wrong, I doubt it. I was expecting it to be quite a jump and quite scary going from an N/A to a V8 but can't believe it was that easy really. You have had Esprits long enough to know what they can do and how they handle, when to have some fun and also when to give them a little respect. V8's aren't the scary monsters I often read about. (apart from the Bills!)

Hear what your saying but can't really see the point in changing from the beaut you've already got.

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Mod the Gt3 man - no brainer.

As Mr May says - what the v8 brings to the party is different power and a well modded gt3 will skin it.

Your car is a minter and worth the modifications as you say it will be a keeper. You have the spanner skills to make a really well put together beast. Brother Nick has done a lot to his gt3 and that went like stink from what i heard.

go for it.

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I nearly was killed in a V8 on black ice due to lack of traction control. What happened with yours ? (sorry I dont read the forums much and dont know the history)

I have had 4 Esprits including a GT3 and am on my second V8 now. My 2002 V8 is not as quick as my V8 GT (due to different chip) but speed does not matter that much to me anymore as long as a car is pretty quick anyway.

Having said that when you hit the higher speeds I dont think you will ever get a GT3 to get close to a V8 as bhp just takes over with most V*s kicking out nearly 380- 400 bhp. Dermots S4 is hugley modified but you know thats all a bit extreme for most drivers re budget and time.

Onlt get a V8 if its post 2001 else you are likely to regret it IMHO with problems and bills.

I drive my V8 with huge respect when it is not dry weather as no car is worth your life.

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LOL I was nearly killed too - back end went and I got flipped by a hedge, totally the car's fault, nothing to do with the driver and the application of power I might add :thumbsup:

I loved the V8 drivability but was also quite humbled by it's raw power, esp from low revs - it's a different car than a GT3 for sure.

Still not sure what to do - with regarsd to the GT2 Ian, it's for sale atm becuase I dont have the time I used to to finish it off, I could do but it's the additional time driving/maintaining and so on - priorities change etc.

I dunno what can be done, the Esprit is definatly a keeper - me and the dad had a 'what other car could replace it' talk again the other day and the Esprit is just there at the top of the list always.

I still like that idea that Nick BN done, what was it a 2.5 litre ?

I def need to drive a V8 and mine back to back though and get it out of my system.

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keep your current GT3 and make a mutant Stevens esprit like what Punky did, get that tuned and supercharged and whahey 300bhp v6 smoothness, a unique car. That seems to me to be up your street. Do a bespoke paint job and you will have something that is completely the dogs bollox. A v8 will just be another v8 and you will blend with the crowd.

And what with the like of hilly and pnuky only a PM away I am sure that you will have all the tech help you need.

I think you will regret buying a V8 just for that extra grunt at the top end. between 30-90 the 4-pots cut the mustard. Look what fandango is doing to his beast.

Try my plan B option as at the end o the day you are a car tinkerer and modder and you can have more fun doing that.


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1996 Esprit V8, 1998 Esprit V8 GT, 1999 Esprit S350 #002 (Esprit GT1 replica project), 1996 Esprit V8 GT1 (chassis 114-001), 1992 Lotus Omega (927E), 1999 Esprit V8SE, 1999 Esprit S350 #032, 1995 Esprit S4s, 1999 Esprit V8 GT (ex-5th Gear project), 1999 Esprit V8SE ('02 rear)

1999 S350 #002 Esprit GT1 replica

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As someone who went from a GT3 to a V8 ( Sport 350 ) there is no comparison. The V8 pulls like a train compared to a GT3. The V8 is the big boys Esprit.

Mike has a very valid point; people say that a modded 4 will compare well to a V8, but no one compares a modded V8 to a 4.

Right then, said Fred.

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Thats what caught me out with the V8, I was in 4th bleedin gear and spun the wheels at 40mph !

It's partially why I got on so well with the GT3, there are very little suprises to be had - in slow mode, it is slow.

4 Pots are also much dependant on the MAT temperature - too much boost over time and I find the car gets a bit flat and thats one of the reasons why I dont want to chip the thing.

As I say I need to drive one back to back and make a decision, if not a mutant would be a cool idea becuase thats the

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