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Mark Blanchard

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Here are some pics of Donington. Another great day and seemed very busy this years.


I got to sit in the new Evora and I must say it was very comfortable and the interior looks the biz.

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I must be honest and say i think the M250 is a better looking car than the Evora .But i wish it every success. Cheers Mike

I agree. The Evora's front head lights look to close together and side profile looks awkward. Shame they didn't copy the M250 head lights. It does look good on the road though and the interior is great, nice leather dashboard and loads of room. I had no problem fitting in it and I'm 6ft 5.

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Hi all :pirate:

The kids and I had a wonderful day :)

as i was a newbie to a meet i will admit to being slightly nervous about actually meeting folks lol

thanks to all of you who made me feel welcome, you're and i wasn't kidding about my size either lol (i think i am more suited to an exige....mmmm its on my wish list as well as an esprit lol) glad i managed to finally get on a picture too :)

waves to all those i met :thumbsup:

pocket purza lol

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Gutted I could not make this year or the last few years, Cheers for the pictures look like a great meet,

One thing though there was a picture of a lock assembly looks like it was at the bottom of the door! any know anymore on this as in one of the pictures it a blue esprit!

Regards Danny


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I had a billiant weekend. As a relative newbie, it was great to meet so many of you at last.

Bibs and Laura, a fantastic show, brilliantly organised. The hotel was well priced and the food very good. Shame the bar shut early last night, but this morning I'm glad it did!

The cars were exceptional, and it was great just hanging out in the car park in the sun today.

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I'll post some pics once I've found my camera but I wanted to thank everyone who helped out over the weekend. Robert, it was a real pleasure to meet you and spend some time chatting, Purza, you're tiny and it was nice to meet you and the kids. Mark, didn't see you, did you find our stand?

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Evora NA

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When these drunkards say the bar closed early, they mean that the staff got fed up with the paper areoplane games around 2.00AM....

The moody blonde at the bar said we had "15 minutes left" and she was shutting the

bar. This seemed an apt oppertunity for me to steal fifty sheets of paper from reception

and instigate our traditional LEF paper aeroplane contest.

Hotel was excellent. Food was 'posh restaurant' quality, breakfast was ace (i stood and

watched the man cook the egg in front of me!). Price was superb and we all need to thank

Bibs for that. On previous years me and vic have paid twice as much for the room so a

little donation to LEF seemed only fair.

Great as always to meet new folk, possibly the best donny yet, just gets better and better.


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Very fab :lol:

Food was great, I had the best crackling on the table :) this I know as I finished everyone elses off...! LOL :)

Seriously pissed off when the lazy assed bar staff went home, ended a fab night far too early.

Congrats to Lisa who I believe won the aeroplane competition with a finely constructed airframe....!

Bibs was beautiful as always, only outshone by the lovely Laura :)

Was fab to catch up with you all again :) x

Chunky Lover

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I'm still kicking myself for not going when I was living in England. Latterly, before leaving, I was working most weekends when it took place and sometimes I didn't realize when it was as I didn't have the benefit of LEF to remind me.

One day, one day :)

S4 Elan, Elan +2S, Federal-spec, World Championship Edition S2 Esprit #42, S1 Elise, Excel SE


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looked like more modded stuff this year (see ppl it the future now accept it lol), whos owsns the s450 one? i need to talk diffusers as im after one one my long awaited rear bumer redesign.

looked a good turn out, shame i couldnt pop up the 8 miles as mine sprung a "massive" leak at the front from donny the week before.


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It was a great two days, I met some wonderful new people and saw a couple of old faces.

Many thanks goes to PNM Engineering for the engine rebuild work and I enjoyed my drive back home :)



Lotus Esprit Turbo Chargecooler SE 1991

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