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Can anybody tell me whether the OBDII software available can collect data over a period of time.

If so does anyone have any that they could let me have??


I borrowed the new USB one from Kato back in the summer (its the one from Gendan). it was able to log receive and log to file one piece of data per second (approx.) so if you log one sensor, you get approx. 1Hz data, 2 sensors 0.5Hz data etc. I think this is a limitation of the ODBII bus but I've been meaning to do some research for ages...

If fact, I will write up my experiences and send something to kato for LEW over the next day or so (I'm really crap about some things...)

I've got a CSV file (saved directly from the interface's software) of vehicle speed & RPM if you would like to take a look. It's in a really annoying format for inputing directly into excel. The way it has saved the time field is not easy to inport and needs a bit of messing about with to use... depends what you are planning to do with it....


I'm trying to upload the file but it doesn't want to work. PM me with your email and I will send it directly to you.

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The 'Vechicle Exployer" software with the Tricom smart cable, will log standard OBD2 data and enchanced Lotus specific data at 110 m/s per sample. If you select 8 items (i.e. rpm, map, wastegate duty cycle, advance, knock volts, TPS, IAT) they will sample a 1 per second per element. Not bad for an OBD2 connection. The Lotus ECU is very fast.


The Older I get the Faster I was

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