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ODBII light won't light

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The patient: 2002 Esprit V8

Taking it for emissions testing. It passes the exhaust sniffer test no problem. Technician hooks up the ODBII plug to run tests, but the dashboard CEL won't light, thus failing the test.

Is this a common problem with a common solution? Could the bulb simply be burnt out? How does one get to the bulb?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mick,

It's simple to test if the bulb has blown in the CEL/MIL indicator. Just insert the ignition key and turn it to on/'Ignition Auxiliaries' (make sure the vehicle isn't immobilized). The light should go on (with the other tell tale lights). When you start the car it should then go out.

If you do need to replace the bulb then Click Here to see how to open up the instrument binnacle.



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. . . but Mick's V8 has the later binnacle.

That is retained with two bolts that are immediately in front of the instruments. Removal of these then allows the binnacle to be slid forward so revealing all that is required. It sounds as though the MIL bulb has blown but time will no doubt tell.

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