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LEF needs transportation

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As you know Bibs I've gone from the crew cab truck to a Rangie. I wouldn't recommend the crew cab for van style transport - most stuff will be "outside" and will get wet. The Rangie is quite big but no better than a standard estate inside and IMO its bit plush to just chuck things in. My Rangie is quite a bit slower than my truck was but its hugely more capable overall and much nicer to be in for long hauls. Trouble is I only get around 20mpg so you'll get a lot less knowing how quick you like to go) which may add quite a bit to the cost of a w/e. I've taken mine around the field here and a few other places, but not on a proper off road course - GKP's your man for that. I've not found it reliable, though its never let me down, there's always something (usually minor) needs fixing. And I've heard the MkIII L322 Rangie that I've got is much better than the old P38 so best stay well clear of them! Disco's and Freelanders always come bottom of the JD Power reliability surveys. Toyota LandCruiser Amazon may be the answer. Its huge, hugely capable and reliable. It must be economical and strong in the real world cos you often see it used by West Country farmers and people in Africa in preference to any sort of Landy.

Another thought. Get a box trailer and fit a tow bar on the Esprit. Probably

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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Subaru Foresters are all over the place here in Colorado and judging by the state of some of them they get used extensively off-road. Have a friend who swears by them but the actual cargo room I'm not sure about as he puts a lot of stuff on the roof rack. Just my $0.02.

Tis the way forward...


More than capable of maintaining Esprit pace too, but has a tendency to getting impaled on small branches on the Bibs/Laura West Malling estate :):thumbup:

And I just happen to know of a very carefully modded black one for sale producing just north of 400bhp. Lives in Kent too....

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Now thats a cool car.

I was thinking of the XT though as its fuel consumption would be lower, performance (especially with a PPack fitted) is extremely capable and theft desirability is not as high as the STI variant.

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I keep thinking I'll swap the Jag for a Chevy Dayvan for when I'm playing with my model aeroplanes (crashed the trainer, bought a Harvard). Would make a good base for days out, lug loads of gear, and be a bit quirky!

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Are Freelanders still deserving of the rep they seemed to use to have? Looking at a few facelift ones, 2004/5 kinda age.

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Evora NA

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Are Freelanders still deserving of the rep they seemed to use to have?

Relax mate, it's a Rover...


If you simply have to own it all year then how about a proper land rover? A defender 90 perhaps?

It would save you spending out on some big gay plastic clad thing full of electric toys and TV screens.

Plus you will have two iconic british cars on the drive, most of the tosh previously mentioned in this

thread can't claim that. Would give the forum a bit more of a true brit feel than some big japanese

tank, anyone can do that, most people do, Lotus people are different though.



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Have experienced an earlier Freelander 1 and it was fully deserving of its poor reputation - no go, poor reliability and even worse economy. Dont know about the facelift version, but there was reportedly a step change for the better with the intro of the Freelander II, so my guess is even the later 1s were a bit naff.

Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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I remember some years ago walking acroos a car park in Chamonix , France with a skiing budy of mine who at the time worked for the AA, we saw a freelander with british plates, he said he was surprised it actually got here!

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Freelander is not the best, even when they switched to the TD04 engine they were underpowered and not very reliable.

Freeleander 2 is much better and may be worth a look second hand as the price tumble on them.

I still think your original plan was probably the best.

Took my Disco to Centre Parcs weekend just gone, filled it to the brim with eveything and away we went. got there and parking was no prob as I could drive where the BMW X5 brigade failed to tread.

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I had a frontera 2.2dti long wheelbase

Cracking piece of kit and wasn't rust. Mine was a 1998 which was the first of the newer shape. They are dirt cheap and without the seats down the load space is huge, with the rear seats down it is massive. Cruised nicely at 80 and averaged about 35 to 40 mpg. 2wd most of the time but you can turn the fronts on if proper off roading is needed.

Fairly cheap to run and service.

Mine had leather and heated seats which were nice.

I'd certainly have another over something like a freelander. Loadspace is rubbish (I bought one for one of our directors) but drives ok.

I've heard Jeeps are quite nice and also the new nissan thing is ok. For maximum mpg to Honda crv thing is probably best but don't expect to go off road.

For what it's worth and the amount of time you will spend off road permanent 4wd isn't necessary imho and it only wears the tires faster and uses more fuel.


Alan Croft

2000 V8 GT

87 Turbo Esprit HC

2000 Elise Sport 160

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What you need is a a 4 ltr V8.....


I've had a couple of Freelanders, a 2000W 3dr and 2004 5dr. Both were reliable, the later car needing nothing except servicing.

I loved the 3dr, a great laugh when you take the roof off. You do need to wind it up a bit but fun for 4X4 hooning, off roading and practical too. The only down side of it is it's low clearance for off roading - It took two defenders to pull me out of the goo at Bordon, lots of mud - NOT due to bad driving!! 3dr was a petrol k series, which obviously is the same engine as the Elise and has the same tuning potential. Somehow, a 135 kit found it's way onto mine :)

The 5 dr was a newer 2004 shape and was a TD4. I didn't find it slow at all, it had leather/alcantara and looked very smart. It was great for the dog and practicality - I would still have it now given that Mum now has a dog..


Digby is great fun. I love him. He has the petrol head requirements I need and is quite robust - a bit of a laugh when the sun shines, window down, arm hanging out, waving at the beardy blokes in a 'fender (suits you Bibs) and when it's wet, Beaut and I climb in the back for a bit of a towel down. If you don't want the thirsty beast there are plenty more 'fenders going.

You know you want (another) one. X

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Lisa Loves her SWB Shogun

3.5 V6 Petrol 200hp and 19mpg! It goes well and was a steal although I've failed to find one at this spec for similar money...

Off road capabilities are suppsed to be superb but it lacks any kind of boot space, its a squeeze even for Polly and the shopping falls out when you open the door!

The LWB version is a much more sensible option but I think after seeing pics of them at yours the other week I'm not sure your quite taken by them. Although seeing it at Donny may have changed your mind a little?

Chunky Lover

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