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Passenger side window stuck on one side

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Hi All,

This may have been asked before, but yesterday I found my passenger side window

stopped working. It was working OK in the morning but the weather was very very

hot yesterday & after the car sat in the sun for a while the window stopped

going down...

I think the electrical is OK because the part toward the front of the car goes

down but the part toward the rear of the car wouldn't want to come down...

of course, w/the rear side stopped moving it wouldn't go down more than 10% and

it's in a very weird position.

I studied on some of the posts that it may be stuck because the frame could

catch it very tight...I think it's possible because it stopped working under hot

weather...the questions do I get it to go down & then apply some


Many Thanks!

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Hey Alan. If you see the window is trying to go down but unable on one side it is the chanel felt that has either collapsed or torn. This is fairly easy to replace and you can do it with the window in situ. Order the replacement felt from JAE or .... You'll need to remove the door panel. Take a look at the felt in the window chanel to see it's condition.

You can remove the felt simply by pulling out the top section, then the sides. It's all one piece. Once removed, match up the corners on the old and new felt pieces. You'll have to make a small hole on either side of the felt strip where it bends in both upper corners (you can see the holes on the old piece) so it lays flat at the bends.

Then lubricate (soapy water solution) the outside of the felt and begin to work it down into the front and back channel...use a lot of lub. Should go in nicely. Then push in the top section and your done. Should work fine after that. I did both my windows recently.

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