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104 CAMS

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Hi guys,

I'm thinking to put 104 cams on both inlet and exhaust.

I know that the HC Na were originally fitted with one 104 cam on inlet only, but if I remember correctly there are some members with engine modified in this way.

Just to know if the engine will remain tractable and good for normal road use with two 104 cams.

What about dell'orto jetting?

Tim Engel said me that specifications 9 for standard S2 car it's a good set up, any experiences about that?

I have already bought one cam so I'm looking for another 104 in good condition.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.



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HI Giorgio,

I have this setup. It's great when the engine is reved hard but at low RPM it's not great. I think it suits a more 'entusiastic' driving style. I don't think my carbs are setup properly though so I need to get the car on a rolling road and get the carbs jetting correct. At the moment they run very rich and the engine bogs down unless I'm very gentle with the trottle at lower revs (below 2500-3000rpm).

I'll PM you about the legs soon.


Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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Hi Giorgio,

I have an 104 cam on the exhaust side and a modified cam on the inlet. I belief there must be some difference between both cams. And you need also adjustable sprockets so you can set the timing better. Spark plugs from a turbo.

Mine carbs have the following jetting: works perfect. But don

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Hi Jean,

thanks, but.....

You have an Excel Se engine on your car so you have also the Trijet type carbs DHLA 45 D not E type.

The D type have a total different settings and a further circuit for the high revs, infact you have a power jet, no power jet on any other DHLA 45 for the Esprit.

Your setup it's perfect for the D type but absolutely it will not work with my carbs (specifications 9). :)



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Right, you have the lc compression engine.

Than you have to use the following jetting:

Main Jet ....................... 180

Main Air Corrector Jet ... 200

Idle Jet ......................... 58

Starter Jet ..................... 95

That I have used on mine old engine (Esprit). was a very good engine.


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