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Wheel Well Undercoating

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ok... i just went over my car with a fine tooth comb noting all the things i want to take care of this driving season.. this may be my number one... the undercoating on the rear wheel well insides is coming off...

passenger side:



driver side:



now i dont know if this is an actual rubber-like piece that they put up in there or if it just happens to be that the undercoating that was sprayed on was so thick that it is coming off in sheets...

anyways, what should I do and what would be the best method to replace it? the second picture on the passenger side shows how wel it blends into the actual car so i dont know how big the actual piece is and once i started tearing it out, i dont know where it would end!!


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Hi mate, carefully using a jet wash you can remove most of the flacky material, then abraid the surface slightly and use one of the readily available rubberised spray paints, got mine from Halfords, its good stuff.

I'll look in the garage tonight to get name of product.

Looks good when its done although you cannot see much of mine.

have fun


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I'm gonna do mine with that POR-15 stuff, it sticks to GRP like anything, atm dirt is doing a fairly good job too :yes:

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