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brakes wobbly after hard breaking

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Now this is a special one:

If anyone has had experience please post...

With the AP S350 Setup in the front I have this phenomena occur :

After hard breaking from high speeds, say2 times, the front ( I believe ) right wheel starts to wobble. My steeringwheel starts to jitter as if the brake disks were wobbled. This phenomena starts to disappear after some time ( all components cooled down....).

The disks are ok! Tested disks from another car and vice versa.

Wheels are ok too, same testing.

Could it now be the hubs? The bearings ?


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If you've tested it by using the discs on/ from another cxar, I'd say repeat the test but swap additional components, as you note, hubs, bells. These would be my first thoughts. Bearings could give you this, but bearings don't cool in the same way a brake disc does, as in, they get hot with the wheel rotating not just braking, so it shouldn't fade away as easily as if the issue is brake related.

Before getting to the point where you mention having swapped parts over, I was thinking slight crack / material failure in disc which is causing it to warp when hot.


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I would actually swap less. Start with just changing the pads. These are strange beasts and can hugely affect the braking stability. I have experienced two different sets of pads on two different V8 Esprits cause terrible wobble or judder under breaking. The first were a set of Ferodo DS3000's on my V8 GT (which I no longer have). These cooked in about 1/3 of a serious lap of the Ring. They would recover when cool but moderate breaking would bring the judder back. New pads and everything was fine.

More recently with my upgraded Sport 350 setup (343mm x 32mm) I ran Pagid Orange pads at the Ring. I followed the bedding in process carefully and they were fantastic the whole weekend I was there (last November) but since then with gentle road use the pads have 'gone off' and I did Siverstone South Circuit a few weeks back and the brakes were terrible. I have since swapped the pads to an old set of Pagid Blue's and the judder has gone. I have stressed them as much as I can on the road and they have been fine.

It seems amazing the difference the pads alone can make. When you swapped disks did you give them a good workout?

I am doing a day at RAF Odiham next Monday and will keep the Blue's in place and see how it goes.



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It seems to have been the pads.... :-(

Now switched back to the std. Ferodos that came with the calipers.....

According to workshop it is all right now,.., unbelivable....

I will see for my self tomorrow and will post results....

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