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Free V8 OBDII Scan Tool

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Not that I have a V8, but out of interest  I downloaded the ZIP file from Peter's link onto an old  Win7 laptop, extracted the files to a folder on the desktop and installed the software, ignoring the .DLL errors as mentioned above, and it installed OK. From that screen shot it looks like you are running the setup.exe from within the ZIP software?

Normally Aspirated - and lovin' it!

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Thanks all.  Finally got it working.  Told you I was a IT virgin.  

so, downloaded it onto my generic HP laptop I’ve had in the cupboard for 3 years since I got my IPad which is running windows 10.  Once I expanded the zip file (thanks above) it installed pressing the setup Line and installed in about 5 seconds with no error messages


i purchased the following cable from Amazon and it took a while to download the driver for it as Windows said it recognised the device but then said actually no I don’t.  Installed the driver the device linked to and tried again.  

the problem is I didn’t know if the OBD reader was working or not as I don’t know how to check so I followed Peters instructions from the first post and changed the values to what was told although I have no idea what they all mean. 

I don’t know how to find the port number for the device so tried everyone from 1-16 and nothing showed.  

I then read the instructions again and saw that I had to click read all so went through again and got to number 4 and it all showed up on the screen


thanks so much and looking forward to getting her running again to look through it all


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Thanks for the help all.  So I’ve got it all working and here’s screen shots when the car is running.  There are some value missing and I wondered if this was normal or if they should be filled in ?


also the car has thrown a EML but the software isnt detecting any error codes ?


does anyone know where the IAT is shown 


thanks again 



Looking again is the IAT shown as the MAT?  I.e 9 degrees?

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MAT should be your IAT.

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Got a new cable Elm 327. Works a treat with Peter England’s Software. 
Cheers Oete👍

On 05/07/2020 at 09:38, andyblackman777 said:

Does anyone have an Elm323 driver. (Windows8) can’t find one anywhere on the internet. 
I have an old ElmScan ISO cable with an rs232 to usb adaptor cable. 
trying to get it working!


I got a new cable. The same as Metro’s above. Works a treat with Pete’s software 👍

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