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Leaking Fuel Tanks?

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My sense of smell is pretty useless, but my wife tells me the car smells of fuel these days.

Normaly I'm out in the car every 3-4 days days but a couple of times just recently its been left for 10 days or so between runs. The first time the fuel guage showed 3/4 full (not that reliable - maybe I didn't fill it up properly), the second time the fuel guage showed 1/2 full & I'd only done about 20 miles (& my foot's not that heavy).

Does anyone know of a way to tell if one/both are leaking.

The car is outside on a gravel drive so no hint of puddles!


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You have a 4inch round hole beneath the fuel tanks, just enough for some to get their hand there (normal people such as myself can only get part of our hands in) to feel and identify if there is fuel on the under side of the tanks.

If it's dry there, then check the balance pipe and the two dog-leg rubber hoses that are either side of it.

Those are the easiest ways to fi d the most likely fuel leaks that would occur without pressure.

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Andy is spot on. There is a 1 inch foam layer that the tanks sit on. They hold moisture and rot the base of the tank.

The foam gets saturated with petrol when the tank starts to leak and its quite easy to figure once your underneath.

Nomally starts when the car is used little and often and the fuel tanks are left nearly empty. The tank starts to dry out and the corrosion gets a hold pretty quickly.

I have just experienced this.

Not so bad if it is the N/S tank. You can isolate this if needs be, short term.

On the O/S its a bugger as later models have the fuel pump located in this tank and you will have to replace.

Having said that, the O/S tank is easier and less involved to remove than the N/S.

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undo the side trims in the boot and if the tube looks poor replace it, it runs over the back of the rear window and down to the other tank it may look ok but there can be splits in it usually smells worse with the sunroof open or window down.cost you about

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