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Alternator adjustment stuck

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While disassembling for a cam belt and general hose replacement, I've found that the alternator will not budge on it's plastic adjustment arm. The bolt is loose, the pivot bolt is loose, but it's definitely stuck. That plastic arm worries me, like it could easily break if I get ambitious in my efforts to loosen it up.

Is there an off the shelf metal replacement? Or an easier way to loosen it up?

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Ah, I found it. Maybe I just needed to mouth off and think for a moment.

Ended up pulling the alternator and arm - a bit tricky to maneuver it past the chargecooler with the arm attached, and undoing the 17mm bolt is a lot harder when a tight alternator belt is in the way. Ended up cutting it off, it's getting replaced anyway.

Turns out the bolt was corroded and stuck to the alternator hole. A few careful taps with a brass mallet, and it came right out.

Just as well. With the alternator out, it's a lot easier to get to a hose that's due for replacement. Ouch! After crouching in the trunk for an hour, I'm sore in places I didn't know I had.

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