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compatible wastegates

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I have recently purchased a 1986 Esprit Turbo to enjoy on the road whilst I am completing my project 1989 SE. I new the car was overboosting when I bought it as the guy I got it from rarely used it and the wastegate was sticking. After spending around 10hrs scratching around underneath the car I have finally freed the wastegate(complete), however, it is a little worse for ware (not my doing). The top part is so eaten away with rust, I would have to get someone to put some weld on where one of the M10 studs should go and re-drill the hole. This is not the worst of my porblems as the diaphram is torn/perished. I have been told that a lot of these parts are now obsolete and the few remaining parts like the diaphram are extremely expensive. Does any one know of an aftermarket wastegate (hopefully SS) which would fit the aforementioned car?

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I successfully refurbished the one on my wifes car but if I was unsuccessful I was going to try to use a Turbonetics evolution wastegate. Another member on here had posted up a picture. I will try to find the original post.

It did mean 'cut and shut' required on the exhaust pipe.


Can't find the post or the picture but I think the member was 'PER' not sure if he's still active but you could PM him

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PNM Engineering are suposed to be coming up with a kit shortly using a new wastegate that we have developed. It means the old mounting point may need some machining or adaptor plate which PNM can do but in the near future there will be an alternative.

In the meantime, they can recon your old unit if you need it fixing in a hurry.

David Walters

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Cheers for the responses boys,

I have sent an email to Pete (PNM) for price and lead time and have also contacted Per with regards to his turbonetics adaption, so hopefully one of the leads will result in a solution!

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I have spoken to pete and he might be able to supply one of these new units for testing, however, if this does not come off, which my gut is telling me is probably 50/50, where is the best and cheapest place to find a diaphram as the

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Unfortunately its a rare part and I don't think you will find one cheaper. I would recommend that you do not attempt to remove the casting from the auxilliary manifold. Simply replace diaphragm and paper gaskets in situ. Unless its physically disintegrated, I would not worry too much about the casting - they're all like that.


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The diaphragm is an aircraft part... with all the costs involved in traceability etc. that that implies. When I first bought one in the early 90's it cost me more than

Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been." - Albert Einstein

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Hi Everyone

The seat on my wastegate exhaust manifold is quite damaged, so I took the wastegate and manifold off to the macine shop for repairs.

In all this I found that my almost new diaphram had been seriously damaged, as I believe fuel somehow ended up inside the wategate, and that the fuel ate the diaphram.

The point is, the guy at the machine shop suggested he makes a piston with sleave for the actuator, with a nice teflon seal. I'm very tempted by this (well, Synaps Engineerign makes wastegates like this), but I'm concerned that the aluminium bits of the wastegate runs too hot for the teflon (The max temperature spec I found for teflon is 260

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