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source for pre-SE and SE foglights?

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The pre-SE Esprit foglights look like typical rectangular Hella/Bosche/etc units, but have a ball/socket mount at the the back of the plastic case that is unique. In North America, I have never seen another foglight with a similar mount and adjustment system. Trust me, I have tried!

Does anyone know if these units are Lotus specific? Is there another manufacturer with an exactly similar setup? Especially important . . . is there another manufacturer that can supply these units to me in Canada!

SE-model Esprits use Hella projector style foglights mounted flush or just inside the front air dam. The Hella part numbers for each of these are: "02 B 1NL 004 840-00", "H3", and "18212". H3 refers to the bulb used.

Does anyone know what manufacturer might use a similar foglight? One source has suggested BMW but I have been unable to confirm this.

Many thanks for those who can help.


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The non-SE Stevens front fog units are proportedly from a Vauxhall Astra Mk I. That's a fairly old car here now - probably plenty of them in scrapyards - but I doubt you'll find (m)any in North America.

The GM part number is GM 90069610 but GM parts direct do not list this part number so you may be out of luck over there.

Can you explain the parts numbers for trhe SE that you've listed (undertand the H3 bulb, but what are the others?) so that I can update my parts x-reference file.

Ta, Ian


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The part numbers are those listed by Hella on a round white paper sticker found that is glued to the outside of each SE projector foglight body.

I have tried to match up the number for Hella dealers but (in Canada) have not been successful.

The SE lights look very close to the projector foglights from on somes BMW's. Note that BMW do not use the squarish glass lens . . . they have the same projector lens exposed while Lotus cover the projector lens with a fluted piece of clear flat glass which is sealed with black rubber "goop". On the BMW models (I have so far seen for sale on E-Bay) it appears the the 1/2 dome hemispherical lenses is exposed to the elements. They seem to mount like the Lotus version does.

1990 to 1992 VW Golf - note "for US models"- have a similar-shaped foglight to the Lotus SE but the mounting system is to the inboard side and not from above (as in a Lotus). Also I believe the VW foglight is polycarbonate (lexan?) plastic; not glass.

So I am still stuck for the exact source Lotus get them from. It could be Saab, Volvo, Opel, etc.

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The US and Canadian version of the "Vauxhall Astra Mk I" appears to be the Passport Optima which is later called the Pontiac LeMans (1988 to 1992).

The Pontiac LeMans with optional foglights would be the aerocoupe (3 door) Pontiac LeMans SE. However that car -in Canada and the US- does not have foglights even remotely similar to the non-SE Lotus Esprit. They are 50% smaller, really cheaply constructed and mount with twin screws that sandwich the lens to the raised sides of the plastic foglight body.

In the UK they might cross to the Vauxhall Astra Mk I. Here in North America no way.

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