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New esprit with questions not sure where to post

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I have had my 98 esprit for about a week and a half

and love it.. wanted one forever and it is everything

I hoped for, however....

reading into many threads I too would like some lower

gear punch.. I am guessing I do not have the

"high torque" chip.. so is PUK the best place to get it or

dealer?? also would new wastegates help w/o replacing

the stock turbos??? and finally, if these mods were done

would I 1)infact get more punch out of 1-3 gears and 2)would

I need to upgrade the radiator??

sorry for so many questions that span different areas

but I think this is all I would want/need to get the most out

of my esprit at my driving level..

thanks is advance to any replys


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Hi Mike.

Welcome to the forum, and to Esprit ownership.

The high torque chip would increase the punch you get, but not only in 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The thing is, you can go through those gears so quickly I doubt you need it forthem so much as to help in the higher gears.

My immediate thoughts are back to when I bought a hot hatch, I took it for a test drive and all was well the seller told me the previous prospective purchaser had said it was not much more powerful than his 1.4l version, but he could tell I didn't have the same problem as I was taking the car to higher revs to get the extra power. Is it that you have a car that's new to you, you are keen to not damage it, and you've not been utilising the higher rev ranges where the greater amount of power is available? I somehow doubt this judging by your avatar piccy.

Also, it could be as simple as the throttle isn't adjusted correctly and you're not getting 100% throttle response when you put your foot down.

Re the rads, hard to comment as it depends on the ambient temperature, the current state of the rads etc, but assuming they are fine then another owner in he same climate will be best placed to answer that.


BTW- have fun with the car.

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thanks for the reply. I think you may have a point on being a little timid

with the car. The Corvette is an auto ( brainless ) and I am scared about

all the talk of this delicate renault gear box!!! Not sure what the rev

limits are on the car since there is no redline indicated on the Tach??

Do not think I have let it go past 5K. I guess being timid I was looking for

boost at a lower rev. ( will the high torque chip allow boost at a lower rev??)

also any thoughts on upgrading the wastegates??

thanks again


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Yes, a more aggresive chip will give you more power at lower revs, and yes it will allow higher boost, but you will be limited by the fact that at lower revs there simply isn't the angular speed in the tubo to generate maximum boost, or to put it another way.

Find a decent bit of highway and plant your right foot, do not take it off until after 6k rpm. Then ask yourself if you're ready for 7k rpm.

REd line is around 7-7.5 k rpm, but keep in mind that each engine is slightly different so one engine may happily rev to a certain speed with not real problem, another may start to have valves bounce below that speed, so do it in stages.

Re upgrading the wastegates, you can, BUT, the chip controlls a solenoid that limits the boost the wastegate sees, so in effect the way to control maximum boost is via the chip not a different wastegate, unless you're looking at really heavy modifications.

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Thanks again for the helpful reply

seems for me it may just be a chip upgrade

at this time to make it perfect. However

once the rain clears here I will certianly

be more than happy to test the foot to the floor


thoughts on aftermarket chip ( PUK ) or Dealer install

of 350 chip??

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ordinary GT version do have rpm limiter setup @ 7400 (confirmed :D ), all the other stock V8 gone up to 7000 (the sport 350 is not in mind, as that is an other world for me..)

What's with an test on good set-up of the original wastegate actuators !? And of course, you can't really compare 5.7 Liter small-block engine with an European 3.5 Liter (even if it is an turbo, our V8's are set up more likely to have an *naturally aspirated* characteristic.. ->serious boost peak on stock engines is only on gearshift [even if that is courious..] and in higher gears. )

don't get me wrong: you can hear some spool on 2000-2200 rpm , and as the car is (compared with equal competitors..) *light-weight* you will get some push in the back and acceleration. Bud it is not that wild & hard that you would expect from an car with , let's say 1 bar normal boost and up to 2 bar overboost. All together with the right amount of gas flow, of course..

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to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Hi Mike,

Sorry for my late reply.

Yes, your V8 has the standard ECU with the restricted lower gears (unless it was already modified before)

The High Torque program does not increase max boost overall. Absolute max. will be the same around 0,75 bar.

It actually reduces the boost restrictions in the lower gears. Of course this will give very noticable more torque/grunt in lower gears with lower rpm.

Here you can see how the standard ECU manages boost through the gears:


And this is the result with the High-Torque ECU installed:


You see the restrictions in 2nd, 3rd, 4th are way less and actually are equal to the 5th gear.

If you compare the graphs you can see that the difference is quite significant. Between 3-5k rpm its around 30% increase in boost which is quita a lot !



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