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Had a blow out this morning and just to make my day, I discoved too that the spare wheel doesnt actually fit!!

Its all brand new, never been opened under the bonnet and it appears that I have a 16 inch wheel and you need a 17 inch to clear the calipers.

Local dealer doesnt understand as they only have 1 part number for a V8 spare wheel.

Lotus also said that there should be a bag of extras such as spacers, bolts etc. None of which I seem to have.

Might be an idea to check that you're actually carrying something useful under the bonnet....

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In the end I have removed the spare wheel and replaced it with a can of Holts ' Tyreweld/Tyreseal' (can't remember the exact brand name).

I made the point to my wife (whose car it is after all) that if she did have a puncture (especially on the rear) and replaced with the spare - where would she put the stonking great wheel and tyre she has just removed!? I couldn't see that it would fit in either the front or rear compartment so the alternative seemed to be to put it on the passenger seat (assuming that you don't have a passenger)

And anyway she'd probably ring me or the AA to come to her rescue anyway (thats not to say that she's not handy with the spanners, in fact she's a better welder than me :santa: )

So the hope (yet to be field tested - fingers crossed) is that the tyreweld would get her home and then we could swap for the spare until we can find a replacement tyre (easier for the front than rear I discovered)

As to your original post - WOW! how could it leave the factory like that? Perhaps you had a factory brake upgrade (or a PO fitted one) that relies on larger wheels and the spare was not taken into consideration.


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I agree about the practicality of putting one of the rears somewhere if you take it off! Maybe tyreweld or similar is the way to go.

It is probably the logical conclusion that the car left the factory with the wrong space saver kit but really that cant be proved 100% after all this time. The car is a 2002 with no brake upgrades, the only thing non-standard are the magnesium wheels but they were also original fit by the factory. Anyhow I'm still waiting for the factory to give me a parts list of what I should have.

Having the right space saver wheel would have saved me the call out fee for the repair but the rears were getting low so I took the opportunity to replace them.

Wallet is looking suitably dented this morning :santa:

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