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near miss on the way home

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well i was gearing down after leaving the m1 and thought i heard a woosh sound, every thing sempt ok so i continued on with both windows down listening for anything. about 4 miles further on i noticed that the reves were not dropping as they should and then the oil light started to flicker (at that point the pound signs started to appear) i pulled the car off teh road and into a garden center carpark. popping the boot and removing the engine cover i looked and saw that the alternator had moved and was nearly touching the timing belt. the large alternator bolt had snapped and 3/4's of it was sat on the engine after moving out of the alternator brackets. a quick phone call and my wife and kids picked me up and took me to get a bolt. after looking at the snapped bolt there were signs of fatigue and wear so if any one else in changing teh alternator i would advise gettin a new bolt as if the fins had caught the timing belt - oouch much money. the only thing that stopped it doing this was the plastic tensioning guide which im suprised did not snap. lucky day

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Hi mate, sigh of relief I think, that whole area is one to watch, my car was ticking over last week end on the drive and I hear a whooshing noise, cylclic and strange I thought. It was only when I saw it in hte dark that I noticed the alternator sparking across to something. I found the wiring harness which run over the back of the engine had slipped done and the pully / belt hard worn away 2 cables, and was shorting out. Strangly everything still worked. Could have caused a fire - another near miss.



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