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My maintenance week (unplanned & early)

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In my 'back on the horse' thread I made reference to a few of these things, but thought it best to record here.

Feeling renewed and invigorated after recovering from surgery, I decided to treat the Esprit to a couple of things I've been promising to do for ages. Well, one thing led to another and I find myself doing a not inconsiderable amount of work in preparation for a fun-packed summer, fingers crossed.

So, last weekend it was passenger interior refit following a huge winter leak, new steering rack and U/J, followed by a quick adjust to fuel pressure and carbs balance/tune. Then on Monday I whipped the box off to change the clutch, and that's when it sort of became a mini-project:

I'll update this list as I progress:

Refit interior (DONE)

Replace steering rack & U/J (DONE)

Skim flywheel (DONE, thanks Trevor)

Clean gearbox (DONE)

Adjust fuel pressure regulator (DONE)

Fit correct clutch! (DONE)

Replace clutch fork leaf spring (DONE)

Replace driveshaft inboard gaiters (DONE)

Replace clutch release bearing guide tube (DONE)

Replace all vacuum hoses (9-month-old ones split to buggery - Alan (temple) will receive a precautionary recall!) (DONE)

Replace a couple of suspicious fuel hoses (DONE)

Replace crankshaft rear oil seal & rear cover gasket (DONE)

Replace output shaft oil seals & O rings (DONE)

Replace radius arm mountings & plates (DONE)

Replace engine mountings (Awaiting new heat shields)

Replace exhaust mountings (DONE)

Replace pod lifter rod assemblies (DONE)

Balance/tune carbs again! (DONE)

Clean and POR15 rear chassis (DONE)

Weld broken exhaust bracket (DONE)

Change oil & filter (DONE)

Fit new Toyos all round (REARS DONE)

Factory geometry setup (I can dream)

Maybe a new head unit

Maybe a new aerial

Maybe a new address when Tracy sees the bill.

My target is Castle Combe. Unfortunately at work throughout most of this, so will have to fit it in weekends/evenings, around other cars and family commitments, so things could get tight. Wookie will be helping, which is just as well because his Mantis should return soon and we have to sort that one out too.

I haven't been too conscientious with photos so far, but will document properly from now on...

Edited by sparky

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Upgrade today to remove Google ads and support TLF.

Sparky, if I can help in anyway let me know..... I'll pop by now and then for a cup and to check and see how things are going.... also.

Cheers Mate


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AAAAAAh yes, that lovely feeling of "while I'm at it, it would be silly not to.........". I see you have left off the rear windows, steering wheel, leather touch up, clean turbo, clean rear of engine and sump.............

Only trying to help. :)


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Felix - thanks mate, welcome any time!

Trevor - this is all your fault. It was just a quick lookover until you started whispering in my ear...

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Careful Andy - after all this I might just visit Clements Hybrids for a full geo check!

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I can't promise you'll have locals wispering (I don't know what) into your ear or people wearing underwear designed for the other gender, we're a backwater here.

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Makes it all the more likely surely!!

Webbed fingers crossed that you get it all done.

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Did I hear you say aerial ? Imagine never having to get it in or out again!


This is the answer!

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Yus, Roger - I'm seriously considering one of those!

Clearly, I've been spending too much time with Trevor, because last night I acquired acute anticlockwise fever and an overwhelming urge to clean and paint. I suspect this will continue today, unless a huge box of parts arrives.

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Great fun today Sparky... Sorry no parts arrived today, but look at all the cleaning you got done! Poor wookie up to his eye balls in grease

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Popped round to see Sparky, Wookie and Felix working on Sparky's car today. Bought a tear to my eye seeing Sparky plunging in to a whole new arena of clean paint and polish. I believe we may only be a season away from him giving up the spanners and joining the conkers brigade. NOT. :)


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Simon - just shout, and I'll be down! Might even be allowed lager by then...

Anyhoo, 'bout time I posted some pics. Unfortunately the pictorial documentation isn't up to its usual standard as I never intended to do anything more than steering rack and clutch. It all went south after the steering. Having moved the box back to access the clutch, it became clear that a bunch of other stuff would benefit from a little attention, so I made a shopping list, and called Steve at SJ. Then over the next few days I called Steve again. And again. Sound familiar, Trevor?

So, I got my last part request in on Friday morning, just as Steve had got all the stuff in and was closing the box. I spent all Saturday morning in anticipation of receiving a mercy package, but alas it didn't arrive. This led to a lot more comfort dismantling, leading my Esprit further into the wilderness. So, with Chris, Felix, Dave and Trevor in attendance, we had a party.

Last week, rack replacement was pretty straightforward. Those top bolts weren't bad to get out but the lower U/J was a beast to separate from the column. U/J didn't seem to be in bad nick but it would have been silly not to replace it.



Can just about see one of the rack upper mounting holes:




Removing the gearbox exposed a multitude of sins, so I decided to lift the box out altogether in order to make the work easier. It appears that a PO had worn a clutch down to the rivets, trashing the flywheel, then fitted a cheap clutch on top of the damage. This would explain the awful juddering that was developing. Also, output seals were buggered, clutch fork leaf was broken, crankshaft rear seal leaking, and so on. Since Iwas going to have to wait a while for all the parts, it was a good opportunity for a bit of a cleanup.

Dirty gearbox - mainly due to leaky output shaft seals:



Degreasing and steaming:


Unfortunately no 'before' pic of the flywheel, but here's the wondeful 'after':


Clutch release arm leaf spring broken:


Rear cover gasket wasn't fitted - instead there was only a tiny bead of sealant. Note the leak:



Radius arm mountings removed:



Cariiers/driveshafts/suspension removed:


A little light relief - this guy has been cruising by recently. It's a Range Rover with a really smart monster truck conversion! He says he has terrible trouble getting people to work on it. Hmmmm...




A few more O/T shots from Saturday. Dave's car is soooooo shiny.





Dave cleaning and painting my exhaust bracket:


Chris demonstrates his pointing prowess - I think:


Chris demonstrates - something - dunno:


Lots more pointing practice:


Headlamp pod lifter links are badly worn:

DSC_0516.jpg removed:


Then we got silly. Well, I got silly, and decided I wanted to remove the pods. Why oh why? Must have been a 'Trevor' moment:





Who's GT?


These pivot bolts were rusty and needed replacing, so pod removal was ultimately justified:


Felix spruces things up:






The results of Chris's hard labour:


And a load of POR15 slapped on!




Still awaiting parts (hopefully Monday) so a long week of late nights anticipated. Also, Chris's Marcos should be back this week, so we have our work cut out for us!

Thanks to Trev, Felix and Dave for their help, too. :)

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Car is starting to look nice and tidy once more. I notice Wookie gets all the best jobs.

Past by this morning about 10-30am and you still hadn't made a start. :)


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You shoulda knocked! Was tidying up the garden garage and hunting down my little welder for the exhaust bracket. Sod all else to do now, anyway.

I want my parts!

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Nicely done. Some amateur, albeit enthusiastic pointing there too, very nice!

I've got a pair of those lift link arms in the garage if you want, new and shiny ones :)

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Now I want you to take off that rear wheel arch heat shield and buff it and polish it until you can comb your hair in it. (he he he he'll probably have to cut or grind all the fasteners, the brackets will fall apart and the inner arch will drop out, at which point, or 2 days later, he'll be muttering "that bleedin idiot in Oz why did I listen")

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Great work. You have inspired me to do some more on me mota.. I have taken the door cards off to sort the mirror and windows.

Can you do some pictures when you change the output shaft seals? As I have a feeling I need to do mine. is it hard?


Daves car I'm convinced is actually made from glass as it is so smooth and shiny in the flesh.

I'm looking forward to seeing sparky's at Goodwood.


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Sparky, thanks for the help with adjusting my clutch.... I just need to adjust it a little more because she still slips in 5th on the motorway when I press the peddle a little.... Cheers Mate

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Bibs - bugger - already ordered them!

Roger - having been at Bibs's shield a while back, I wouldn't dream of touching mine. :w00t:

Chris - with luck, might get to do the seals tomorrow night if the parts fairy visits.

Felix - no worries, thought that might be the case - at least it's the easy adjust now. :)

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I put a note elsewhere asking how it was hanging, the bit I painted I mean. Happy to help further if you need it. Just ask.

It was a good spontanious "help a mate thing" it should happen more often.

If its worht doing it is worth doing well, keep up the good work mate.


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