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Im home for a few weeks so thought It was about time to show you how far ive got with my S2:)

6 months ago I had it painted monaco white then had it stored.

Im fitting trim and connecting the new wiring loom/harness now.




Im happy with the result sofar but im getting wonky eyes with all the wiring. The schematic now looks like jibberish so I think i will take a break.

Got a couple of wires im not to sure about so I think i will post it in the G Car tech forum later.

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Hi Iain,

I have the SJ Sportscars manifold fitted . The middle pipe and rear box are made by RMS in Prestwick (Scotland)

Did the panel myself. Took a mould of the right side and fibreglassed it in on the LEFt.

Im realy happy with the way it looks now. :w00t:

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Work done over the last few weeks.

Painted under front hood compartment

Fitted brake/clutch servo,cylinders etc

Fitted wiring under front hood (& lights)

Fitted windscreen trim

Fitted waist band trim

Fitted rear lights & trim

Connected engine bay wires

Fitted rear numbr plate

Fitted rear 1/4 windows & trim

Fitted door 1/4 windows to frame

Fitted both doors

Fitte door mirrors (Sebring)





As you can see I have quite a bit to finish in the interior. That will have to wait as it goes back into storage this weekend untill I return in December.

Might get an auto electrician to finish the Immobiliser/alarm and interior wires off so that I can concetrate on the rest of the car when im next home.

Next time i will fit all the fuel pipes, build up the doors (and adjust), fit tailgate rubber seal & chrome trim, fit all the badges and decals and have the engine running (I HOPE !)

But for now im off back to the Falkland Islands and my good old landrover.

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  • 7 months later...

Well once again Im back home and getting stuck into my S2.

Fitted the tailgate glass trim yesterday and spent all today doing electrics. (Hope to have all the electrics finished this week)

Engine turns over on the starter now (first time in 3 years) once the electrics are finished I will get fuel and fire It up.

Still loads to do. Will get some photos up this week :)

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Hi Mike

Good work. It is a fantastic project that will be worth it in the end. I think white really suits the esprit S2. My only advise is to try and keep the car as original as possible for if you look at what is happening to the esprit S1, that is what people will desire and look for.


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Had a few minor problems this week with the electrics but im starting to get on top of it now.

Fuel pump and starter motor are knackered. Ordered a pump from paul matty and it arrived christmas eve ( I only ordered it the day before)

Going to strip and repair the starter tommorow if my wife lets me ?

Roddy I plan to keep the S2 original. Only real mod ive done is the exhaust.

Mike :)

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Hello Mike, as an option for you to consider, I fitted a low torque starter motor from a company called Powerlite to my 1982 eclat 2.2 and I am very happy with it. The car normally starts on the button. They are not cheap, I think I paid something in the region of




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So here it is the crusty old fuel pump. Not surprised as its not had any action in 3 years and Im not sure how old it is before I got it.


The new shiny one :)


Just waiting to get some new fuel pipe and then It will be fitted.

Roddy were on the same wave length as Ive got a new low torque starter on its way:)

Will fix the old one tommorow so that I can get on with other engine & electrical work while im waiting for the new starter to arrive.

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  • 2 weeks later...

New Starter motor arrived today from powerlite:)


Still having electrical problems though. Im using old starter motors as it keeps blowing them so dont want to use the nice new one.

Cant find the problem anywhere :( First day it was working great turning the engine over, then next day the fuse was blowing after glowing for 2 or 3 seconds. Day 3 and the fuses are fine but nothing at all from the starter. Day 4 fuses decide to do same as day 2. Day 5 starter motor burns out (3 times). Left it over christmas new year and back to nothing. Got good power to starter when I turn the key and everything seems normal but nothing happens. Had the Complete wiring loom out 7 times now to trace any problems cuts etc. Sat with the multimeter checking everything. Checked the starter on another vehicle and its fine.

Im off to Eurodisney tommorow(6th) for 4 days so I will try again after that.

Ok so I decided to have just one more look before I go on my eurodisney trip.

Managed to keep cool due to all the snow outside and decided to look at the wiring


Cut back the tape on the wires at the plug going to the ignition and found the white/red wire was looking a bit thin (8amp)on the new wiring loom and found a thicker white/red wire up inside under the tape. HA HAR :animier:

Got me we multi meter out and what do you know power, did a quick continuity check to the starter wire and it gave the magic beep. Connected it up and It turned over. HOOORAY :(

Not sure what the 8amp white/red wire is but im sure when I get further along finishing the wiring I will find out.

Just need fuel pipe and fuel and I will try to fire the engine up next week when I get back.


New starter now fitted :

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Got home from my wee trip to Eurodisney and straight back into the garage ;)

Fuel pump is fitted but I ran out of hose clips and need a bit more fuel pipe to finish it off.


Did a bit more to the electrics and started to build up the interior.


Feels good to have the starter and fuel pump working. Once I get the fuel pipe finished I can have a bash at starting it up.

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Great progress Mike

I have a high torque starter on my Elan and its a massive improvement over the stock unit. I'm thinking of putting one on my Esprit

Hope all goes well with the Engine start up


Let me know If you have a S1 esprit for sale 🙂

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If its on the pump you may be able to fit a new end. Company in London called Ken Mills is a Bosch specialist and rebuilds anything at very competitive prices. Will try and find his contact details. Not suer it will help but who knows. Helped e out with some old 911 rebuild stuff.

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Hi Wayne, The carpet set came from SJ Sportscars.

Easy to fit. Just the bits in the bottom of the footwell had me scratching my head for a few minutes as they are a strange shape.

The tunnel and outer sill carpet comes slightly oversize so you can fit and trim it for a perfect fit.

Just recovering now from sniffing all that glue.

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Got some of the interior fitted today :lol:

post-286-126442489531_thumb.jpg post-286-126442490907_thumb.jpg

The alternator has packed up so im just going to do the rest of the electrics when I replace it next time im home.

Fly back to the Falklands next sunday so the cars going into storage on friday.

Will update this in about 6 or 7 months :)

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Your doing a wonderful job, now I thought I had problems getting time to work on the car as I was having to stay overnight in Birm so often - I wouldn't want to have to commute from the Falklands!


The car looks very good, its got the same interior as mine except mine has got the beige 1970's shagpile carpet fitted. i wonder if that was an optional extra?


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