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This will of course depend on a miriad of factors, including: Tyre Pressures, weather and temperature, suspension setup and wear, brand of tyre and its composite and of course how much control you have over your right foot...


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At 68,000 km my car had replacement tires (maybe 5000 km old) as well as heat-checked, warped and paper-thin original rotors . . . both front and rear.

Alternative sources for these rotors exist.

I know the front rotors for my 1989 non-SE Esprit are 1980-1982 Toyota Celica Supra front rotors. Cheap as they come (maybe $25 Canadian each).

I have cross-checked dimensions and think (hope?) the Esprit rear rotors are Renault 25/30 rear rotors. I believe rear rotors are optional on some of these Renaults depending on engine size or model weight. The bigger wagons should have rear rotors. These cars never came to Canada so this is speculative.


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My Esprit went 17K on the rears with the original eagles.

The fronts wear life is about twice as long as the rears.

Dunlop SP9000 are wearing about the same rate.

The stock front brake pads were changed out at about 28K. They were replaced with Mintex C-techs and were 3/4 down at 40K.

The rear pads last a lot longer as the fronts take the brunt of the wear but were changed out at the same time as the fronts even though they had lots left in the OEM pads.

Combo driving on the car. Robust street driving and occasional track days plus autocross a few times a year.


PS I bought the 1990 Esprit in 2000 with 17K it had the original Eagles as at the time the tires were discontinued for a bit so they had to be original. The rears were pretty shot and I had to replace the fronts as they showed signs of dry rot.

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