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Turbo and S3 gearbox different?

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Hi Guys,

Hmm, wanted to swap my spare gearbox with the one which is currently in my 84 Esprit...but as I compared them, they seem to be different.

The clutch operating mechanism is different. The Turbo version has a clutch mechanism on the side, whereas the S3 version seems to have it on top of the bellhousing.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Regards, Ruud-Peter

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I know the S3 and Turbo clutches are different. The latter can handle more power and torque and i considerably more expensive if you want to buy it from lets say SJ or Lotusbits.

I friend of mine has an uprated S3 NA engine, but with the turbo clutch. Works fine togerther, but evidently needed some fiddling to put together.


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Did they not just move the position of the slave from top to the side on all the later g-cars? I believe the gearbox is the same, but the clutch bellhousing may be different. I think that if you fit a turbo clutch to a N/A you may have to grind away some of the inside of the bellhousing for it to fit and rotate. Mike at Lotusbits has a bit of experience of this, as it is him I spoke to about the issue.


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