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gtt dave j esprit

1990 Esprit Chargecooler SE the chance to live for another 18 years.

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Hi all ,

Starting this topic to keep track of info and repairs and try keep most my questions in one place.

So far since regeistering have started several topics and its a bit all over the place to be fair, Much rather just have one thead and not have to start new topics all the time for silly little questions.

I am going to put a few links to topics i've started, so if intrested have a read and please feel free to spend time to help out as and when you can. B)

Also when taxman pays up , i'll join forum and get some good photos uploaded , and got some from when my mam and her husband mick, went to Silverstone, Le man , Hokkinhine ? lmao in Germany. Some nice pics :thumbsup:

Heres my newbie post,

Heres micks profile all his topics are problems on the same car!

He's got a good spanner hand thats for sure and has fixed endless cars my mams been using to cuemute to an from work, Over the years saving thousands, I have also benifited and leart from him a great deal. Dont need garage for most jobs, Take pleasure, and pride in fixing your self if practical and posiable, not everones bless or lucky enough to have deep pockets but learn and try hard enough you get there in the end.

I have started a few topics but will just post relervent ones leading up to where i and the car is at the moment.

Temp sensors

Freescan logs

Standalone ECU. was a learning question for veiws and opioions, Also i have explained few probs the cars got

Like i have said it is all over the place , so please bear with me.

At present after looking at engine wiring loom, it dont look to cleaver and has been out at some point the oe caseing and heatwrap has been removed and replaced with tape :devil: 2 injectors look different coulor like theres and age difference.

The 2 into 1 earth that go's to bell housing of the engine loom dont look to good either but not that bad still ? is this the earth i persume supplys earth tho ecu or for tps, temp sensor ? i dont know ?

I have a few other little fault finding tests to do before -

Then next step i think (besides getting pictures up) ? Get the wiring loom out for inspection :(

Cheers and thankyou for and help advise in advance, Regards dave

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